52 Weeks of Organization – Week #1

I have mentioned in the past few weeks my quest to live a simpler, uncluttered life. When I came across 52 Weeks of Organization over at Organizing Junkie, I knew this was exactly what I needed to participate in! My quest is not only get organized, but to also make my home work better for me. You know how you move into a house and your organize your stuff where you think the stuff should go and then as time goes on you realize that the glasses would be better in another cabinet and that you really don’t like your Christmas stuff in the large attic but want to move them to the smaller attic? I have been feeling that way about my whole house the last few weeks. I am on a mission to streamline my home!

So, here is my list:

Scratched Out – completed.
Italicized – in progress.

  1. Organize bulk foods in kitchen cupboard.
  2. Rearrange dishes in butler’s pantry.
  3. Organize two refrigerators and one chest freezer and plan menus to use up older food.
  4. Clean out linen closet.
  5. Reorganize shelves in green bathroom.
  6. Clean out blanket chest.
  7. Clean out bedroom closet.
  8. Sort all clothes in storage/attic by size and purge unwanted items.
  9. Reorganize holiday decorations.
  10. Sort and organize recipe collection.
  11. Clean out my dresser.
  12. Clean out and organize Hannah and Laura’s bedroom closet.
  13. Clean out small dresser in yellow bathroom.
  14. Clean out drawers in dressing room.
  15. Reorganize downstairs bookcase.
  16. Clean out and reorganize craft closet.
  17. Clean out and reorganize school closet.
  18. Purge cookbook stash.
  19. Reorganize laundry room.
  20. Reorganize china cupboard.
  21. Make a dedicated spot for writing letters.
  22. Clean out and reorganize card catalog.
  23. Clean out and organize yarn basket and find a better way to store them.
  24. Sort, organize, and purge old music records.
  25. Clean out office cabinet in bedroom.
  26. Organize scrapbooking stuff.
  27. Clean out, reorganize, and purge game closet.
  28. Clean out, organize, and inventory storage closet.
  29. Inventory and organize fabric stash.
  30. Donate old toys to Community Center.
  31. Donate magazines to hospital.
  32. Reorganize food storage.
  33. Better organized home canned foods.
  34. Organize the junk drawers.
  35. Organize cupboard in laundry room.

I am thinking this list, should I pull it off this year will make me quite happy. And seeing as some of these chores will take me more than one week, I think I will stop there for now. You never know though, I may add to the list later! Phew!

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