A Baptism in the River

Baptism in the River

Two weeks ago we had a baptism in the Russell Fork River just outside the Breaks Interstate Park. Two boys, Tate and Taku, were baptized by my husband on Sabbath afternoon. Their family moved to the area a couple of years ago. Their parents are originally from Zimbabwe and just a joy to be around. It was a special day.

The Breaks Interstate Park is a popular spot for kayakers.

The river was full and rushing from recent heavy rains, but we found a slower spot to have the baptism. The river is a popular place for kayaking – we saw lots of kayakers – and we saw a some crazy guys using an air mattress several times over the Class 5 rapids.

Going down into the river.

I took a video of the baptism, so I don’t have actual pictures of it.

Maybe you are thinking a baptism in the river is soooo Eastern Kentucky.

I’m guessing that’s what the folks from Texas were thinking when they asked if it was okay for them to video tape it.

A few of our Belcher Church members.

I took this photo, hence why I’m not in it. That’s my husband the preacher with the mountain man beard. He grew it out in the name of ministry. He, he.

Picnic Potluck

We had a picnic potluck. Yes, that’s a vegetarian hot dog.


Emily showing off her new contacts. She’s so happy to be rid of her glasses! I cut her hair the week before using this fabulous method for layering.


And here’s Laura showing off her new glasses! She’s never had to wear glasses before. Wow, was I surprised!

Down by the river.

Hannah and Laura and Abby (my grand daughter) had fun at the river skipping rocks.

It was a perfect Sabbath.

You can listen to one of my favorite songs here – “Down in the River to Pray” by Alison Krauss. I’ve sung this before with my girls in church. Beautiful.


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