Setting Goals & My One Word

Setting Goals {encouragement & motivation} @

Setting Goals Goal setting is important. That's why so many people set goals at the beginning of the year. The problem is that most of those goals tend to fall by the way side within just a few weeks of New Year's Day. In fact, according to, only 8% of people achieve their New Year's Resolutions. So, should we even bother with setting goals? I think so. I mean, if we never set goals, will we ever see major improvement in our lives? I talk a lot about re-evaluating my life. It's … [Read more...]

My Morning Alarm

Waking up to music that inspires your soul can help set the right tone for the day. @

Music in the Morning I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses my iPhone for my alarm clock. Every morning I wake up to this song by Moriah Peters and it just sets my mood in the right place. Do you have a favorite song you wake up to in the morning? Waking up early is so helpful for moms who want to find time to spend with the Lord without distractions. Not only that, but you'll find your days are more efficient. But, if you want to have a great day, you have to have a great attitude! Mom's … [Read more...]

Sharing Your Home: Hospitality

You don't have to have nice dishes, expensive food, or designer furniture. You do need to have a warm smile, an open heart, and a willingness to let go. @ #ATimeToClean

A Time to Clean: Day 24 You can read the rest of the posts in this series here. Yesterday we talked about how homemaking isn't about perfection. And about how homemaking is about creating a space that feels like home. You know that feeling you get when you walk through the door of your home after being gone for a few days? Coming home is such a relief. Coming home everyday - even just after making a quick trip to Wal-Mart should make you feel good. It should make your husband and children … [Read more...]

It’s Not About Perfection

Homemaking isn't about creating the perfect space. It's about creating a space that feels like home. @ #ATimeToClean

A Time to Clean: Day 23 You can read the rest of the posts in this series here.  How have you been? Are you making good progress on this challenge? My home is so much easier to maintain now. I still have some work to do, but already, I see such a huge difference and it makes me happy! It's easy when you are coming from a place of discouragement to fall back into that pit. It's very easy. I know, because I've done it many times! You make some progress and then something goes wrong. you … [Read more...]

Clutter and Discouragement

How Clutter and Discouragement Often Go Hand in Hand @

A Time to Clean: Day 7 You can read the rest of the posts in this series here. Do you ever find yourself day dreaming of a different life... or maybe you just feel dissatisfied with the way things have been going in your life. Discontentment can severely affect everything from your relationships to your homemaking. I wish I could say I've never been discontent, but that wouldn't be true! Life is hard sometimes. A lot of times. And there are definitely seasons in life that are harder than … [Read more...]