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Free DIY Mini Course! So, I wanted to let you know about a brand new mini-course that you can take FOR FREE, today! The course is called 4 Steps to Rediscover Your Inner Creative Genius, and it will help you overcome your inner obstacles to getting more involved in crafting and DIY. Worried you don’t have the time for furniture painting? Can’t believe you’ve got the right skills for photography? Petrified of embarrassing your friends with amateurish attempts at handmade gifts? You need this … [Read more...]

Adventure Bag for Boys and Girls

Handmade Adventure Bags for Girls and Boys @

A Life of Adventure I remember when I was kid  I dreamed of living a life of adventure. Being shipwrecked like the Swiss Family Robinson, hunting for treasure like Indiana Jones, solving mysteries like Nancy Drew. As a girl, I loved tromping through the woods on our 12 acre homestead - my imagination wild with ideas of mystery and secrets. As an adult, the greatest adventure I've ever had was the All Girl, 24 mile, 4 Days Backpacking Trip in the Wilderness we took a couple of years ago. I … [Read more...]

Parrot Chalk Pastels

A Colorful Parrot with Chalk Pastels @

A Colorful Parrot with Chalk Pastels Last week in our homeschool we were reading about the Amazon River and I remembered this technique I had seen for making colorful Parrots with Chalk. You can see my inspiration here at Painted Paper. [Tweet "Check out this easy craft for kids using chalk pastels. Perfect for a rainforest #unitstudy or #homeschool."] My girls had a great time with this project. It was easy, fun, and they turned out great!   Materials: black … [Read more...]

{Paper Bag} Baby Bird in a Nest Craft

bird nest craft_300

I originally found this craft over at Kangaroo Boo Blog and adapted it for my needs. When I first saw this craft, I totally fell in love with how sweet it was. I love birds - in fact, I collect birds and you'll find them tucked on shelves, in corners or on paintings all around my house! [Tweet "This Baby Bird Nest #Craft is simple, sweet, and fun for kids! #craftsforkids"] I used this craft for one of my children ministry programs - for about 80 children - this year at … [Read more...]

L is for Lemonade Stand

Printable Lemonade Stand Kit @

Summertime and lemonade just seem to go together. Don't you think? So, there's no way I could do a summer fun series without including a Lemonade Stand! Here are some ideas to help your little entrepreneur get started. PLUS, some fun free printables to download! [Tweet "Summertime and lemonade just seem to go together. Don't you think?"] Lemonade Stand Ideas A Vintage Lemonade Stand @ Lil Luna DIY Lemonade Stand @ Lowe's DIY Crate Lemonade Stand @ Babble Take a Stand with your … [Read more...]