125+ Healthy Lunch Box Ideas {Printable List}

125+ Healthy Lunch Box Ideas {a printable list} | A Virtuous Woman #lunchbox #backtoschool

  These are foods my own children love! I believe in exposing children to a wide variety of tastes and textures. Lunch time can be difficult. It’s easy to get in a rut. I homeschool my children, and I have found that if I “pack” their lunches the night before or first thing in the morning that I save time during our school day. I

{5 Steps} Quick Clean Up

From Chaos to Calm in Less that a Day {Quick Clean Up} | A Virtuous Woman

Today I’m sharing this post from a few years ago. Well, today is Sunday. Which for me, generally means, getting the house back in shape if I am behind – which, today I am very behind. We spent nearly everyday last week working in the garden/ yard. I’ll share pictures of that later! I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my life!

Stocking Up

8 Items to Stock Up {Preparing Your Home for Emergencies} @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Family Preparedness You can find the rest of the series here. I recently read a poll that suggested parents are doing very little to educate and prepare their families in the even of an emergency. And this info graphic shows what parents are or aren’t doing to prepare. So, this week I’ll be sharing ideas on how you can prepare your family for a crisis,

Square Foot Garden Planner

This free printable Square Foot Garden Planner will help you organize your garden this year! @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Are you planning your garden? This morning as I was thinking about planning the “grid” for my Square Foot Garden and decided to create some planner pages to help me in my nearly overwhelming task. You can download my planner below!  Square Foot Gardening Square Foot Gardening is the easiest way to get started with a garden in your back {or front yard}. You can

Family Meals Around the Table {Day 28}

Family Meals Around the Table {how to do it and why they're important} @ AVirtuousWoman.org #mealtime

Family Meals are Important In the picture above, my son had come home from college {he’s the one with the beard} and I can’t tell you how special it was to me to have all of my kids around the table at the same time! There’s just something wonderful about sitting around the table, eating good food, and enjoying good conversation and laughter. It brings

The Daily Checklist {Day 25}

The Daily Checklist: Tangible proof you got something done! @ AVirtuousWoman.org #busymoms #getorganized

31 Days of Calm in My Chaos Some days you just need a pep talk. Checking off items on your to do list gives you that little pat on the back that helps you feel like you really have accomplished something. I can’t count the days when, in the evening, I wonder what it was I did all day. When you use a To Do

31 Days of Calm: The TO DO List {Day 24}

How to Use a To Do List, plus a free printable Weekly To Do List for your This is My Life Planner @ AVirtuousWoman.org #busymoms #proverbs31

31 Days of Calm in My Chaos You’ll find a great free printable To Do List at the end of this post that coordinates with my “This is My Life” Planners! But first… Tuesday, I shared with you how using a planner can reduce your stress. Today we’re talking TO DO Lists. Obviously, if you’re using a planner – especially one like my “This is

How Using a Planner Reduces Stress {Day 23}

How Using a Planner Reduces Stress @ AVirtuousWoman.org #thisismylifeplanner #planners #getorganized #busymoms #proverbs31

How are you today? I am sitting in the lobby of the Conference office in Nashvhille typing this while my husband is in meetings. Yesterday morning as we were packing the car, {it took a couple of hours} and I was thinking, wow, it’s so nice today. Really warm. The kids weren’t even wearing their coats. I was like, “I love this weather.” And then

You are my Sunshine Art Print

You are my Sunshine Art Print {Digital Download} $5.00

Hey guys! I just fell in love with this adorable sunshine. I hope you will too! With the New Year arriving and January being soooo bitterly cold {at least where I live} and thought a little sunshine might brighten your day. Happy New Year! This print would be perfect for a nursery, baby shower, as a gift… really, any where in your home! Enjoy this

10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman {Homemaking}

10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman {Homemaking} @ A Virtuous Woman #proverbs31

Homemaking “She looketh well to the ways of her household.” Proverbs 31: 27 The Bible tells us that a Proverbs 31 Woman looks well to the ways of her household. Before you feel defeated, let me just say that I don’t believe that we have to have a “perfect” home to be good homemaker. But we should be putting forth effort each day to make