Cookies … and Goals for 2009

I love cookies. In fact, when I make cookies, they call my name … over and over … until they are all gone. I have a hard time resisting cookies. And so, to avoid temptation, I only make cookies from time to time – mostly around the holidays.

But then, tonight, I read this post “Filling the Cookie Jar” at It’s the Little Things that Make a House a Home. Karla has made a commitment to bake cookies at least once a week to keep her cookie jar full for the sole purpose in delighting her family. I love this idea!

I am going to add this to my Goals for 2009. I have been consistently making a hot breakfast every morning but Sabbath. I have been consistently baking all of my own bread for the last two months or more. I have been making more food from scratch. So, why not add cookies to my list of food goals for 2009? It sounds like a wonderful plan.

What are your favorite cookie recipes? I would love for you to share with me.

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  1. 1
    Muthering Heights says:

    What a sweet idea! That would be fun to do in my home when my children are a bit older…as my girls will be able to help me! :)

  2. 2
    melodyofamom says:

    Oh, gosh…I am terrible at baking, so I have no recipes to share. But since I’m preggo, any kind of sweets sound good at ALL times. And thanks to you, now I’m craving cookies! lol

  3. 3
    The Queen Mommy says:

    What a fantastic idea. I think I’m going to add “Baking” to my list at least once a week – cookies or bread or something special. I’ve been baking lately and am reminded of how much I enjoy it and my family is enjoying it, too.

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