Eastern Kentucky Campmeeting Sabbath

We had a wonderful Sabbath. I taught Sabbath School for the younger children. I ended up teaching kids from both my Harlan and Belcher churches. I think attendance was down this year somewhat because of the economy. Anyway, we sung songs and learned about God’s love for us. And I had a footwashing and communion with the children. It was a lot of fun and very meaningful.

You can download The Last Supper Lesson here.

I forgot to take pictures of the footwashing. Footwashing is something that most churches do not practice any more. Our church does it 4 times a year – once a quarter – along with our communion. (I have three church so times that by three for me.) It reminds us to be humble and to be willing to serve just like Jesus did.

We then had communion. We moved from the room where we had the songs and story, etc. to a room where I had decorated a table with a pretty lace table cloth and the communion plates.

For the craft, I cut out 18″ squares of white flannel and let them decorate their “footwashing towels.”

They turned out really cute!

I will post the lesson I wrote for this a little bit later. It really turned out well!

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