Faith: A Lifestyle or a Way of Life

Christianity: A Lifestyle or a Way of Life? @

Is your faith a lifestyle or a way of life?

What’s the difference?

For some people who consider themselves Christians, Christianity is a lifestyle – a way of living that feels comfortable, acceptable – you know, just what you do.

They go to church each week, prayer meetings, women’s ministry meetings, Christian music concerts, etc. After all, that’s what they grew up doing. It’s what their friends do. They find a sense of belonging, of social acceptance. They read their Bibles, they pray at dinner time, they go through the motions.

They go through the motions, but they aren’t experiencing a true relationship with Christ.

Christianity is their comfort zone.

Other Christians go to church each week, prayer meetings, women’s ministry meetings and retreats, etc., but during the week, when they are not at church, when they are not with church members, they are living their faith through their daily activities. Being a follower of Christ is not something they just do, but it’s who they are.

They find time each day to talk to God. They consult Him before making decisions. They strive to find God’s will for their lives. They speak of Him with their children daily. They look forward to Jesus’ soon coming. They see growth in their personal walk with Christ.

Church is more than just a place to visit each week, study, and pray. It’s more than a place to meet friends and enjoy music. It’s a springboard for missions. It’s a place to nurture others.

These Christians enjoy a meaningful relationship with Him.

Christianity is their way of life.

What kind of Christian are you?

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