Get Organized: Take Two

Source: Ivan Soares Ferrer

This summer has flown by. We’ve had a lot of fun. Lots of good memories were made.

But, I’m ready for fall. I need some cozy nights and warm fires and baking bread and quiet puttering around the house.

We’ve had 8 weeks of traveling and back to back company.

For 8 weeks.

And when I say company, I mean 8 – 20 people in my house on a daily basis. Which includes a whole passel of rambunctious little kids. That I have to cook for and clean up after.

For the last 6 weeks.

Whew. Can you breathe a sigh of relief with me?

So, today, the last of our visiting family has left. We had a very nice visit. Ate some good home-cooked meals, and enjoyed some fun sights in the area. It was fun! But now, my house is quiet – except for my own kids and two grand kids I’m babysitting today. The windows are open. There is a cool breeze blowing in. I feel excited about the possibilities for the coming days. (Which actually includes a trip to Illinois for a week, but I’m trying not to think about that right now.)

Remember my lofty goals for getting organized in 6 weeks this summer? With all the craziness that is my life, it didn’t quite happen.

Now, I’m pairing down my goals to basically get the house looking decent (again), getting caught up on a mountain of laundry, and planning our homeschool year. Not necessarily in that order.

I still plan to finish my original list of posts on the Summer Challenge. So, stay tuned!

What goals were you able to accomplish this summer? Did you struggle to get things done like me? Please share!

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