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Homeschool Preparation: Planning, Ordering, Laminating @ #homeschool

Is it just me or does planning for the school year seem to take forever and a day?

I already knew what books and curriculum I was going to use. It took me hours to decide on each one. But, then, as I went to order the books, I second guessed some of my choices and ended up ordering a few different ones!

Then, for the e-books I ordered, there’s the printing, cutting out, hole punching, etc. It’s a lot of work!

Not to mention the fact that I like to pre-plan my lessons for the year because my schedule is so hectic I can’t guarantee time to do it during the school year. Yes, I leave a few spots blank for ideas that hit me as we go. But I like to have most everything filled in ahead of time.

I’m sure there are those of you who who ready to go curricula that are easy to use. I just find most of them are either too boring or just don’t work my kids. And believe me, I have tried a lot of different curricula over the years!

Did you know that Amazon is having a Back to School Sale with prices up to 50% off their regular low prices TODAY ONLY? And if you’re a Prime member like I am you get free two day shipping, plus access to many of their online videos for free.

Today I purchased 4 Explode the Codes that we needed. The books qualified for two specials: Purchase $25.00 worth of textbooks and get $5.00 mp3 gift card PLUS, Buy 4 textbooks and get the lowest priced item for free!

One item I saw that I personally own and absolutely love is the Scotch Thermal Laminator. I use this thing all the time! Just last night I used it to laminate some Read, Build, Write Mats from Homeschool Creations. Anyway, so the Laminator is on sale for only $29.99.

P.S. You might enjoy downloading this years free weekly homescool lesson planner over at my blog: The Vintage Homemaker.

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