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I happened upon your website by accident, but now understand that our Lord led me there. I thank you all for your direction and encouragement. I now feel energized and have an exciting new path to follow. Thank you.

– Angela


I was saved seven years ago. The first chapter that I started digging into was Proverbs 31. Oh how I wanted to be her! I came across your website last week. I just had to write and let you know that you are such a blessing! I have been so encouraged that there ARE other women out there that want to be what God created them to be! It’s not popular to love to make a home, cook, grow a garden, to homeschool, nor is it popular to be submissive to your husband – but with God we don’t have to win a popularity contest – isn’t that great! Thanks for all you do – keep on sowing seed!

– Cristy


I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see that you were promoting the book Created to be His Helpmeet. What an incredibly, biblically based book on our roles as women in our homes. This book was eye opening for me in areas as well as humbling. It continues to be such a blessing to me and my husband. Although not an easy read, it is one I would highly recommend to any women of any age – married or single. Thank you for promoting Truth!

– Because of Him, Jeanne


Melissa and all who contirbute,
I just had to let you know what a blessing your website has been to me! Since stumbling upon your site, my home has never been cleaner, more peaceful or more organized, my husband never happier (this area was always a source of stress for us) and I myself have never been more content. I now know in my heart what my ministry is! Who would have thought that managing my household and taking care of my husband and children could be so gratifying. Women today are not taught how to run a household. Although my intent was always to be a good wife and mother somehow I just couldn’t manage to get it all together. Though I still have much to accomplish a vast improvement has been made. Thank You, Thank You!

– Yours in Christ, Marie


I am so grateful I found this site. I work at a CPC and the need is great. Thank God for direction for this site. Thank you for sharing information with girls who are in such need.

– Blessings, Janice


Hello! I just love your site! It is very inspiring. I am also a member of Christian Women. Love that site too! I wanted to tell you that I attempted to make biscuits tonight following your recipe and they turned out great! Yummy. My boys and husband ate them right up. Thanks for all you do to inspire and support the modern day momma.

– Melissa


I think what you are doing with this website is positively wonderful, and I have printed out several of your brochures and spoke to other stay-at-home moms in my church about the work that you are doing here. Thank you for giving all homemakers everywhere a voice.

– Sherry


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