My Life Documented Monday #6 + 31 Days of Calm {Day 22}

My Life Documented Mondays {Free Printable Journal Cards each week!} Weekdays @ #ProjectLife

Okay, so I’m not always the best about getting my photos printed for Project Life, which means, I’m behind by about a month. Ooops! But that’s okay.

I did get my photos printed for week four, but I haven’t had a chance yet to get those layouts done. We’ll be out of town for a few days, so when I get back, I’ll be setting aside time to get my photos ready to print.

31 Days of Calm in My Chaos

Anyway, I wanted to talk today about “being present and really enjoying your kids. As you may remember, my son {who will be 23 in March} recently moved to Canada to work at a media ministry in Victoriaville, Quebec. My nineteen year old daughter is gone more than she’s at home any more.

I know that my seventeen year old will soon be looking at colleges. And of course, my ten year old and thirteen year old are turning into young ladies so incredibly fast!

If you are a young mother, you’ve probably heard folks remind you that “they grow up so fast.” And you know what? It’s absolutely true! I still can’t believe my youngest child is a double digit!

Sometimes when you’re a young mom it’s hard to see past the dirty diapers, the sleepless nights, and the temper tantrums. Those things to do pass. But then there is always something new to challenge you. Parenting isn’t easy. It’s hard work!

But the reward is so worth the effort.

Why not embrace the season you are in right now? Instead of rushing anxiously to the next milestone or big event, enjoy this moment. Right now. Enjoy your kids while they are still kids.

If you have a newborn who wants to be held and rocked all the time, hold her, take this time to just be together.

If you’re two year old is testing your patience, take the time to bake cookies together or take a nature walk. Encourage your child’s natural curiosity.

Invest in your children while they’re young and you will be rewarded with teens who value your opinion, trust your judgement, and want to talk to you about their problems.

I am not a perfect mom – far from it. But one thing I’ve been intentional about is making sure that not a day goes by that I don’t look in each child’s eyes, listen to them talk, and hug and kiss them. Believe me, it makes all the difference!

Be sensitive to your child’s emotional need to have your undivided attention on a regular basis. Your child WANTS to know you are there for them. And if you are there for the small things, they will believe you’ll be there for the big things.

Take time each day to hang out with your kids. You won’t regret it!

My Life Documented Monday

Which leads me into today’s free download and video.

But first, the video. I love “hanging out” with my girls doing a wide variety of fun {awesome} things. One those is scrapbooking. You probably already know that I love working on my Project Life Albums. Well, my daughters love to scrapbook, too.

This year, I purchased each of my younger girls their own “Project Life” albums – but these albums are the 6″ X 8″ albums from Sn@p Simple Stories. I’m sharing more about these great little albums on the video below.

If you are reading this from a RSS Feed reader, and can’t see the video, just go ahead and click on through to the website!

Now for the free printable Journal Cards. Today’s download is a two page spread – eight cards highlighting the days of the week. I hope you enjoy!

My Life Documented Mondays {Free Printable Journal Cards each week!} Weekdays @ #ProjectLife

How to Download

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  2. Download the .pdf file for the Weekdays Journal Cards here.

Document the Everyday

Instagram is my other favorite tool for keeping memories alive. It’s free and easy to sign up. If you do get an Instagram account, I’d love to have you follow me @thevintagehomemaker!

Today’s Goal: Determine whether you are spending enough quality time with your kids just focusing on them and “being present.” If not, what changes can you make in your day so that you are living your priorities?

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  1. 1


    I have not started a project life album yet, but would LOVE to! This is all new to me–would you mind sharing what photo editor software you use to print your photos out? Thanks!

    • 2


      Susan, I mostly use because it’s a free download and pretty easy to use. If I want to filter a photo that wasn’t on Instagram, but I want that sort of look I use Sometimes I use A lot of the photos I use in my albums come from my Instagram feed. Next Monday I’ll share how I trim and size the photos. Thanks for the question!

  2. 3

    Jen says

    I can certainly relate to the “They Grow So Fast” & “It Happens So Fast!” I SWEAR it was just yesterday when I held that bundled up baby in my arms, her eyes wide and bright looking right at me, as if she was waiting just as anxiously to meet me and I was to meet her. I felt like I was still a baby myself at 22. Tonight, she’s 18, soundly sleeping in her dorm room only 10 min. away.

    These last 4 years have been so hard. I have a very debilitating terminal illness which keeps me in bed most of the time. Even though intellectually I’m pretty sure they understand, I haven’t been there as I wish I could have been. I pray they forgive but I’m confident that I raised empathetic , loving children with compassion.

    To all of the Mommies with newborns, don’t worry about a clean house or big meals. Just absorb the magic that is a brand new baby… My youngest, who is 11, was here when a visitor Sister in Christ and Heart visited. She had her 3 month old with her and she was able to rock her to sleep. She told Anne, my friend, after she took a deep breath and sighed… “Oh I am so Happy! She still has her Angel Dust.” I wracked my brain knowing I’d heard that term, and Anne was doing the same.. And I remembered it was/is an illegal drug, but I haven’t heard the term in years. I knew she didn’t mean that. When I asked what she meant she said: “When babies leave heaven to go to their families, the angels sprinkle them with sparkly Angel Dust one last time in Heaven to bless them. Sarah told me.”

    Very emotional for me. First, the precious concept. Who knows? Maybe she’s right. And Sarah is my daughter’s identical twin that passed in utero before 20 weeks sometime. My daughter, Minnie, doesn’t talk of her as often as she used to, at 11, but when she was younger it was all the time.

    Anyway, back to my point… I didn’t have the chance to sit and rock my babies all day long, but I so wish I would have taken more time doing it. Think of this poem.. “Quiet down cobwebs, Dust Bunnies go Sleep. I’m Rocking my Baby, and Babies don’t keep.”

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