Nuteena Sandwich

For vegetarians who loved eating Nuteena, it was a devastating day when Worthington made the decision not to produce Nuteena anymore. Well, now Cedar Lake is making a similar product called Nutee Supreme. It really tastes like Nuteena! Anyway, I made Nutee Supreme Salad Sandwiches the other day and they were really good. It makes a nice substitute for Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwiches. Oh, and even if you are not a vegetarian, you might really enjoy the nutty flavor of Nutee Supreme! Cedar Lake products online or in health food stores.

Here is how I make mine:

Nutee Supreme Salad

Open can of Nutee Supreme. Push out loaf. Slice into small bite size pieces and place in a bowl. Add two or three mashed boiled eggs. Add just enough mayonaise to make the mixture creamy. Add two or three spoonfuls of sweet pickle relish. Add salt and pepper to taste. Combine well. Serve on toasted bread or over a bed of lettuce with crackers.

The picture above is the sandwhich I made using my Sweet Sourdough Bread. Yummy!

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