Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home: Day 3

Good morning ladies! How are you today? We are going to continue re-evaluating our lives today. It is a good thing to do periodically. That way, you don’t wake up one morning and look back on your life with regret! As we progress through this study, and after we complete the study, begin to diligently work on spring cleaning your home! Share your accomplishments with us!

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  1. 1

    Kreah says

    I really like this one :) I’ve been making an effort this week to wake up early this week, and it has really made a difference in how smoothly the day goes. I have time for devotions and prayer. Time to plan the day. I don’t have to rush around the kitchen with cranky little ones grabbing at my legs. I’ve still got a long ways to go, though. I still spend too much time on the computer in the morning, when I could be doing more productive things. I’ve learned that I’m a procrastinator (big time) and I struggle with laziness, but its all improving with prayer!!

  2. 2

    LaDonna says

    It is too easy to major in minors. Our focus must be on our greatest goal, glorifying God and preparing for heaven. It is all the baby steps each day that decides our final destination. It is way to easy to run late or skimp on the eternal when the here and now is screaming for our attention. Making sure my priorities are in the proper order is something that I need to re-evaluate more often. Thanks for the challenge.

  3. 3

    Rebecca says

    Praise the Lord for this well timed challenge! I have been continually convicted since Day 1. Not Satan’s overwhelming accusatory conviction, but the holy conviction of the Spirit urging me to embrace the change He has in store for me. I am looking forward to going from “slob” to “homemaker.” Today, I attacked the laundry, bathrooms, kitchen and car with gusto.

  4. 4

    Amazing Grace says

    I really feel I am getting motivated as I join in here on this worthwhile Challenge. I must say that it is not just my home that is benefiting from the Spring cleaning. I feel you are helping draw us all nearer to God.
    God bless you Melissa.

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