Strawberry Beds

We have a garden bed full of strawberry plants with plans to plant more this year. We’ve been disappointed to find that most of the strawberries that are ready to pick have been partially eaten by the birds! My mother-in-law has over a hundred strawberry plants. Her answer to this problem has been to pick them before they are ripe and let them ripen in the kitchen. This works, of course.

However, I just found a brilliant idea on Pinterest!

Paint pebbles to look like strawberries and place then in your strawberry beds. It will fool the birds! I will definitely be doing this when I return home this summer!

You can find the actual instructions for painting strawberry rocks here.

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    I have the same problem but I bought some bird netting at the big box hardware store then put short lengths of PVC pipe into the ground and laid the netting over it. Birds can’t get to the berries!

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