Summer Challenge Update #2

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Two weeks ago I started the Summer Challenge. The first week went really well. I felt good. The house was looking very good. I knew, I just knew it was all going to go according to plan.

Ahhh, and then the grandchildren came. All 7 of them. Okay, well I have 13 grand kids, so not all of them came. But we’re talking 7 extra kids – 10 if you include the 3 of my own I have at home this summer – ages 11 years old to 7 months. Plus the grownups I am also cooking for.

I just want to say: I’ve given up.

The house is a disaster. Again.

I’ve had 9 kids – ages 11 and under – in my house for an entire week and they’ll still be here next week. It’s wonderful. Really! I adore these children. I love, love, love having them here. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. And that is the honest truth.

So, perhaps my dreams of having a perfectly clean house in 6 weeks were a bit lofty. Even more lofty were the ideas I had when I went ahead and bought the primer to get my kitchen repainted this week.

What was I thinking?

Anyway, I came across this great plan for de-cluttering your home in 40 days from Keepers of the Home. There’s even a free printable for you to follow along with! Since I have been working to unload major stuff over the last few months so that we can living a less cluttered, more meaningful life, I thought this plan was fantastic and I wanted to share!

How’s your challenge coming? Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Or have things not gone according to plan as in my case?

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    Raeleen says

    Do things ever go according to my plans? Nope. So do I adjust my plans as I go… or wait for a better opportunity? My patience is lacking in this area, but God is working (as usual 😉 As for the primer? I have a bag from Lowe’s in my garage right now. The contents? Furniture refinisher, fast drying polyurethane, stain, paint, and a couple of brushes. The idea – to refinish the kitchen table and chairs. The obstacles? Well, they each have a name – and I love them a ton! Maybe it’s time for the four of us to get our hands (clothes, and fingernails) a bit dirty? As for the house… I suppose it can wait. Maybe 😉

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