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Free Curriculum Resources

Homeschool for Free @ #homeschool

Homeschooling can cost as much or as little as you like. Free is always good, right? Here is a list of free resources that I have found to be very valuable.


  1. Homeschool Share
  2. Ambleside Online
  3. Old Fashioned Education
  4. Head of the Class
  5. Lesson Pathways
  6. All in One Homeschool


  1. Spelling City
  3. Kinder Printables
  4. File Folder Fun
  5. The Crafty Classroom
  6. Lapbook Lessons
  7. Learning Page
  8. Khan Academy
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Workbox Lesson Planner

Free Printable #Workbox Lesson Planner @ #homeschool

Summer has been flying by! We have had so much going on, that I haven’t had much time for the computer. My two oldest girls are at horse camp this week and my 19 year old son has decided to move in with my mom and dad for the time being. So… this week, it’s just me and my husband along with our two youngest girls at home. It’s really been quiet.

So, with all of this quiet time… I have been catching up on all that laundry I got behind on during two weeks at campmeeting/ my two week bout of the flu/ten days in Atlanta/two weeks of company/and 1 week of VBS. I have also been deep cleaning my family room/homeschool room in preparation for the new school year. I have also been planning my curriculum for 2010-2011. I love planning for our school year!

I want to share my new Workbox Planner Form with you. It is simple, nothing fancy, but is what I am using this year. I do only have space for 10 boxes as that is what I am using. I hope you enjoy!

I let you know which books we’ll be using this coming year soon!

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Back to Homeschool 2009 – 2010

It’s that time of year again. Time to decide what to learn this year….

I am very excited – I love buying the new books each year and making plans for our studies. I was very pleased with most of our curriculum choices from last year, so I will be using many of the same publishers and resources.

We have been using Math U See. I may use it again this year, but I am considering a new curriculum for math called Teaching Textbooks.

Mystery of History – Vol II

Learning Language Arts through Literature:

Apologia Science – Land Animals of the Sixth Day

Teaching Textbooks

Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America: Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guide Series)

A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and central North America (Peterson Field Guide Series)

Draw Real Animals! (Discover Drawing Series)

Books on My Wishlist…

Draw Write Now, Book 1-8

Handbook of Nature Study

Creating Nature in Watercolor: An Artist’s Guide

I also found this resource that I hope to be able to use not only with my own daughters, but with the young girls I work with in our church and community:

Future Christian Homemaker’s Handbook – free download!

We will be using Homeschool Share again this year, quite extensively for my youngest children. This is a wonderful resource!

Our love of nature study continues. We are currently raising three Ringneck Snakes (with four eggs waiting to be hatched!), two Fowler’s Toads, one Skink Lizard (Red Headed Scorpion), have found two bats in our house this week which we watched and then released, and spend hours every day watching the myriad of birds who dine at our feeders.

I think this is what brings me the most joy. Spending quiet moments wrapped up in the beauty of God’s creation enjoying all of the sights and sounds and tastes alongside of my children.

Each of the girls received really nice art sets for their birthdays this year. Each set included an easel, watercolors, acrylics, oils, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor paper, and more. We will continue to use these and I hope to spend more time this year on our nature journals. I want to begin using the Outdoor Hour Challenges – you can download these wonderful guides free – look on the sidebar at Harmony Art Mom’s blog!

I will also be re-reading Pocketful of Pinecones: Nature Study With the Gentle Art of Learning.

I have handwriting workbooks that were given to me and lots of wonderful Bible Readers from years ago that we will be using. I also want to focus more on Church History and the Martyrs this year. Also, we are about to begin a read aloud of “Blessings” by Jerry D. Thomas, adapted from “Mount of Blessings” by Ellen White’s original writing. The book is a commentary of sorts on the Sermon on the Mount. Really good stuff!

Something different I will be trying this year for our record keeping is “Homeschool Journaling.” I am going to journal our learning each day rather than plan actual lesson plans for my younger children. My oldest two will still have their lesson sheets that they must complete and mark off.

I will be adding all these links to my sidebar. As I change my plans and such, you can find the updates there.

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