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6 Chores Your Kids Can Help With

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6 Chores Your Kids Can Help With @ AVirtuousWoman.org

We could all use a little help keeping up with the housework. As moms it’s our job to teach our children to do the basic skills we need in life. Knowing how to clean and care for our homes is important.

In my house, my kids help with everything – from cleaning bathrooms, to cooking, to cleaning the dishes. And I don’t feel bad about it! When we assign kids chores we are teaching them responsibility – and that they need to contribute to the household. Doing chores also helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Kids as young as 3 or 4 can start helping with chores around the home.

6 Chores Your Kids Can Help You With

1. Sorting and folding laundry. Many of us are not fans of folding and putting away the laundry but with a helper or two it gets done even faster. Younger kids cans start by folding small towels. As they age you can have your children fold and put away their own laundry. You could even have kids wash their own laundry start to finish after they are big enough to reach everything they need.

2. Cleaning floors is a great chore for kids. Most of the mess on the floors are things they discarded as they move through the house and decide to leave it laying around. Teach your kids the one-touch rule and to put things away when they are finished using them.

3. Young kids love to help with dusting and keeping the dust in the home down helps keep allergies under control. This is a great job for young kids because it does not need to be perfect and with a little music it can be fun.

4. Kids can do dishes. In fact, they love to help with the dishes. Fill the sink with suds, toss in dishes safe for your child, and let them do the work. Older kids can wash them all. If you have a dishwasher loading and unloading is a great chore for kids tall enough to put the dishes away.

5. Emptying the trash is a great chore for kids. It is simple and straightforward and very quick. Add taking cans to the curb and you help your child learn about how sometimes you have to do things on someone else’s time frame or being late works out poorly for you.

6. Yard work is great for kids. They get fresh air and their little bodies get some much-needed exercise. The feeling of accomplishment when they see how much their hard work pays off is great. I have two grandsons who spend a lot of time at my house. They don’t have a yard of their own and they always beg to pull weeds, rake leaves, and pick up sticks in the yard. Encouraging a good work ethic in your children will really pay off later!

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