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Another Update: Sarah’s Home!

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I can hardly believe it’s February. For me, the month of January just flew by. We had so much going on. In all honesty, January was very stressful for us as a family. Many of you know that my daughter Sarah had surgery – a colon resection – just over a week ago. She has Crohn’s Disease and the last six months she has been very, very sick and even spent 8 days in the hospital back in September of 2015.

This time around, she spent 8 days in the hospital and we brought her home Friday evening. She had a rough week in the hospital but we have seen a so much improvement and I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful hospital staff and especially our surgeon for taking such good care of her.


Not only that, but seeing first hand how God answered so many prayers and He relieved my fears over and over again. It’s tough when your kid is sick. I wanted so much to take away all the pain and suffering and yet, all I could do was hold her hand while she walked bravely through it all.

And the miracles. I wrestled for two weeks leading up to the surgery. I hated that she needed to have the surgery. I wanted there to be another option. A way out. I cried many, many tears and prayed many, many prayers. And I cried out to God asking Him to make my faith stronger, because when it’s your child all of the unknown is so scary. But, if I had known then what I know now, I would have realized that doing the surgery now was the best thing for her.

God knew.

The pathology report told us that she had two places in her intestine that were narrowed from scar tissue. One place was 50% blocked and the other not only had the abscess and fistula but it was 90% blocked. Sarah would have ended up in emergency surgery possibly very soon had we not decided to go forward with the surgery when we did.

God is so good!

Have you wrestled with God only for Him to show you HE knows best? Share your story below in the comments!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I´m so happy for Sarah and your family! I´m learning as well, I wrestled with God only for Him to show me HE knows best that I needed and still need to be very lonely, to learn to really listen to myself, to actually discover who I really am. I haven't finished last year challenge but I will! I'm learning not to be so hard on me and even in dificult times like you, me and almost every body faces usually, try to take a breath and faithfully ask God to help us give the best of us. I love the new website view and while I'm not doing any of the challenges I enjoy every blog you write. With Love, Mariana
  2. So sorry to hear about your poorly daughter. Hope she gets well soon. I really wanna help you and your daughter. Have you ever thought of seeing a nutritional therapist? It's amazing what sort of things you can do with diet that are life changing. I'm still a student myself and have seen the detrimental effects of certain foods have in our bodies. please do consider seeing a properly qualified therapist if you've not already done so. It can be life changing. I could write paragraphs here but the bottom line is using food for its healing properties with an aim to improve ourselves.
  3. Welcome Home Sarah, I'll be praying for healing from Chrones syndrome. You are simply precious. I actually have a sweet friend who had a liver transplant ( she just turned 15) we like to do crafts together. She loves to bake as well. Her name is Casey and she's homeschooled as well and lives in Orlando Florida.
  4. I wrestled with job recently over the loss of my job. My company downsized and my job, one I loved, was going away. Though I prayed about it, I didn't want to change to another position in the company. God knew best, however. He showed me that I was stagnating in my current job and it was time to get back to what I loved, bedside nursing. I am now a happy ER nurse and I enjoy going to work everyday. Making that change was very hard, but if I had trusted that God knew best all along, I would never have had to worry. I am much happier now and I didn't even know I wasn't happy at my job before. Not even close to what you went through, but again, God always knows what is best for us. Why can't we just see that? I always ask myself that after the fact. Praise God for your daughter's recovery and for always keeping us in his arms.
  5. So glad to see your daughter home, and she looking better already from the pictures from the previous update!!! And well done for staying so faithful! My youngest had some health problems when he was born up until a year old (now 18months :) ) and when it was all clear i looked back and thought "wow, how did I cope?" i still surprised, but i do know that it is the strength God gave me, and giving me as i go through hard times at the moment. In fact i thought i might be worth mentioning that my mind is now aware that homemaking is a ministry i have been much more ontop of household things and here in devon the weather has become slightly mild today,my friend is looking after my 18month old and two girls at school so i've opened the windows wide and decided to do a spring clean!!!!!!! Just on my 10 minuite break but my post-virtuous-woman me would NEVER of taken this opportunity, so on behalf of myself and all my family... thank you :) and we continue to pray for your daughters speedy recovery :)
    1. Tia, I am so glad you shared this with me. It blesses my heart! Thank you so much for your prayers. She's back in the hospital with a large abscess right now and having a hard time. We're hoping they will release her in a couple of days but the recovery will take a while.
  6. So glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend ,I had surgery 12 years ago ,i had a plactic piece stuck inside of me that i had swalllow at birth and needing women surgery also,because ovainian cancer runs in my family.I had remove my instestines to remove the piece i swallowed 41 years ago ,so i know about the pain and it take many months to heal and eating a bland diet . I was in a huge amount of pain for many weeks and on pain medicines .It took me a good 4 months to return to my part time job. And I have to be cafeful in lifting heavy items after wards .
  7. Melissa, I have been so concerned about Sarah from your last posts and so sorry to hear she had a rough time at the start of recovery, but am praising Him for his protection and divine guidance (healing, actually) through the surgery. Praises that she is on the path to recovery. It is so true, sometimes God does not give us what we want, but in divine His wisdom He knows why we need (life giving surgery). I could write a book on all the times God's vision was clearer than my own. Wish I could drop by with a meal for you all -- but it would probably be a couple days journey, so sending prayers and hugs instead! Sarah is such a strong young lady - I know you are a proud and thankful mom! And YOU are amazing to be able to keep up with the blog during this tumultuous time -- THANK YOU! Please keep us posted as many are holding Sarah in prayer.
    1. Thank you for your prayers! We ended up back in the ER on Monday night and they found a new large abscess that stretched across her pelvis. This morning they put in a drain that she'll have to wear for a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to go back home in a couple of days. I do appreciate your prayers!

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