Chores for Elementary Aged Children

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Are you looking for ideas of chores your elementary aged child can accomplish? Teaching children the value of making contributions to the tidiness of the home and the joy of a job well done are important aspects of parenting. Use this list of six chores for elementary aged children to help you accumulate ideas of what your children are capable of.

Chores for Elementary Age Children @

Chores for Elementary Aged Children

Feed and water animals

Filling water and food bowls is something that almost all children can do. It’s a great way to teach them to care for other’s needs. Being responsible for the family pet helps children have a sense of ownership.


Remember, Mama, it doesn’t have to be perfect. They are learning. At first you will have to train them, making sure your child moves objects to dust around and underneath, handles fragile things gently, and tries not to leave streaks.


Your youngster is more than capable of vacuuming or sweeping small areas like their bedroom, the play room, or the kitchen. Older children can be expected to vacuum the entire floor.

Chores for Elementary Age Children @

Bring in groceries

Do your children eat the food you buy at the grocery store? Then they can be expected to help unload the car after a trip to the market.  Families with multiple children might expect the smaller ones to bring the groceries in and the older children to put them away.

Make their bed

Each and every morning, let the expectation be that your bed must be made before you eat breakfast (or get dressed, or go to school, or whatever works for your family). Teaching them to keep their rooms tidy will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Set the table

If your child can’t reach the cabinet to get out plates and glasses, you can get those items for your child and then let them lay out everything in its proper place. All children can set out silverware and napkins. To make your dinners prim and proper help your children look up proper place settings online and have them strive to set a proper table at least one evening a week.

Chore Chart Bundle Kit

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No matter how old your child is, he should be required to complete a number of chores daily to help keep the household running smoothly. This chore chart has suggestions for children ages 2 – 18 years old!

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