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15 Easy Drop Cookie Recipes you'll love! @

I have this thing for cookies. Honestly, cookies are one of my weaknesses. Okay, let me restate that. Homemade cookies are one of my weaknesses.

Drop cookies are some of my favorites because they are so easy to whip up. Here’s a list of really yummy looking – easy – drop cookies you can make for your family. Or for potluck. Or for a neighbor gift.

What’s your favorite drop cookie?

P.S. Why not create a Sunday tradition of homemade cookies this year? A few years ago I began making cookies each week for my family – just because. Somewhere along the way, I dropped the habit and I’d like to make cookies once a week to keep the cookie jar filled in 2016.

I mean, cookies aren’t necessarily good for your body – but boy are they good for your soul, right? Of course, you could opt for healthier versions of cookie recipes…

15 Easy Drop Cookie Recipes you'll love! @

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