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Everyday Blessings

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Every Day a Blessing

Yesterday I reviewed the sweet devotional book for children from Tommy Nelson titled Every Day a Blessing by Jean Fischer.

If you missed the post, it included a really neat “My Blessings and Prayer Journal”  free p rintable for kids. So, be sure to check it out!

Free printable Blessings and Prayer Journal for Kids... perfect for daily use, homeschool, family worship and more! Get this and over 135 other free printables @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Anyway, so yesterday I asked the question:

How do you make every day a blessing in your home?

I received some really great comments and I wanted to share them with you.

“I try to make every day a blessing by spending time each morning doing Bible memory with my daughter, and reading through some part of the Bible. Also end each day with family worship.” – Susan

“We are going through a particularly trying time in our house….lots of challenges and changes. We are trying to keep focusing on the good and praying with our daughter. We keep our eyes on Christ- and look at this as an adventure…it does get hard staying positive and I could really use this book today!” –  Allyson

“We make every day a blessing by including God in everything we do…we thank him for all things as the day passes, we ask him for help in all our circumstances, and we remind each other of his constant presence.” – Ally

“We try to make sure to thank God for each little blessing, all day long. I want to try a blessings journal as a family, and have tried doing a devotional each morning with the kids but have struggled to find one that is appropriate for their ages 8,5, and 2. This book looks perfect! Short sweet and pretty pictures!” – Aubrey

Aubrey, I have a free printable Family Blessings Journal here.

“We make everyday a blessing in our home by thanking God for another beautiful day each morning, and thanking him each night. My son always tells me that God and Jesus live in his heart. He loves reading the bible and through him it has helped me seal my faith that God is great and through him we will have everlasting love and peace.” – Lina

“I try to make each day a blessing by praying with my girls every morning on our way to school….I want to wrap God’s shield around them early in the morning so they will have it for what ever comes their way at school…I’m always looking for new devotions or anything I can to share our God with my girls!!! Thank you!” – Jessica

“I make every day a blessing by praising God for the little things. My favorite is sunshine.” – Tara

“I try to make every day a blessing by showing my kids how to see the positives in each situation.” – Barbara

“We remind each other to thank God not only for the ups but for the downs in our lives. He knows the blessings to come even if we don’t see them yet. We also set out each day to do something helpful or kind for someone that day. In the evening we discuss what we did. I love hearing my child describe how he waited for the perfect moment to make God smile.” – Kelly


What I loved about each of these ideas was that they were all different and unique to each family, each mother, whose heart yearns to give a sweet picture of Jesus to their children by living as an example.

There are so many ways to make every day a blessing in your home!

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The Proverbs 31 Woman

The Proverbs 31 Woman is not a perfect woman. She’s woman who chases after the heart of God and shares that each day with those around her. We don’t have to be the perfect wife and perfect mother to be a blessing to our families. We just need Jesus.

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Thank you ladies for sharing your ideas with the rest of us! God bless you all!

Are you inspired to make every day a blessing in your home? I am!

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  1. Thank you, for sharing your love of Jesus. I am thankful that God knows what we need at the time we need it. He is so awesome.

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