The Great American Eclipse

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On Monday we woke up early and drove down south of Knoxville to Madisonville, Tennessee to watch the eclipse. Madisonville was in the path of totality and I was determined to watch the eclipse in all of its glory. It was totally worth the drive!

Madisonville was also about half way between Chattanooga and Knoxville so Emily drove up from school to watch it with us and Sarah rode down with us which means I had all four of my girls with me for the day. That was so special!

We snacked on delicious donuts while we waited. There was such a buzz of excitement all around.

As the moon began to get closer and closer to covering the sun, the crickets and locusts started singing their songs and that was perhaps my favorite part – they just got louder and louder!

When the total eclipse began, we could no longer see the sun through our eclipse glasses and we then were able to look directly at the eclipse without eye protection. The sky darkened, the street lights came on and everything was still. The only sounds were the crickets and people oohing and ahhing over the spectacular sight!

It was such a great experience – totally worth the traffic jam afterward. I’m so glad I got to spend the afternoon with my family, minus James and his wife – we missed them! It’s something we’ll always remember. It was a fun adventure!

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