Happy Mother’s Day {Sundays at Home}

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Mother’s Day is one of those sweet times when I know my girls want to go all out to make me feel special. Of course, I feel pretty special just being their mom everyday, but Mother’s Day is extra special.

Typically, the girls bring me breakfast in bed and make me homemade cards. Today was no exception! It was funny because I woke up before everyone and was wide awake, despite my announcement that I planned to sleep in. {I have a hard time doing that!}

See, the girls all went to bed rather late last night. I’m not sure why. It was just one of those nights. So I knew that they wouldn’t be up extra early. I took the dogs out and climbed back into bed and coaxed my husband into watching a movie with me until the girls woke up. I didn’t want to ruin their “surprise!”

This year, it was Hannah (age 12) and Laura (age 9) who made their way into the kitchen to make me breakfast. They really are good cooks! They brought breakfast to me and even garnished the fresh mango with mint leaves from the garden and a sprinkling of sugar!

Breakfast in Bed {Mother's Day} | A Virtuous Woman

Emily (age 16) washed the dishes and Sarah (age 18) mopped the floors. What sweet girls I have!

They are growing up so fast.

As my 18 year old prepares to go away to work at summer camp all summer long, I am constantly reminded that childhood is fleeting. I already have a 22 year old son! Who no longer lives at home. My youngest daughter will be 10 years old in just over a month.

Where has the time gone?

I try not to dwell on the inevitable – the day when my home is no longer busy with children. They are such a blessing to me and it’s been pure joy watching them grow.

We laugh together. Me and the girls. A lot.

They are my best friends. So precious to me. This time we have together. I am so privileged to have had the gift of mothering them. What an honor it is to be their mom.

Each one unique. Each one so amazing. It boggles my mind how I could end up with four beautiful, smart, funny girls. I was not a witty kid. At all. And they are all so funny!

I want to be the best mom possible. And yet, I know there are so many things I fail at. But still, they love me anyway. And I treasure each moment.

Oh and last but certainly not least, I did receive a very touching card in the mail from my college bound son yesterday. All in all it’s been a perfect Mother’s Day.

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