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Okay, these printable love notes are probably some of my all time favorite printables I’ve ever made. This set of three Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day Cards is so stinking cute!! Plus, you’ll find a matching milk and cookies art print, too.

Free Printable Milk and Cookies Valentine's Day Cards @

Part of being a warm and loving wife, mother, and homemaker is helping your family feel loved. Taking time to give sweet notes and thoughtful gifts is one way we can love our special people!

Valentine’s Day may be a commercialized holiday and even over-rated by some estimation. However, there’s no reason not to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family – use it as an excuse to make them feel loved!

I hope you love these printable love notes as much as I do! Gift them to your husband, a special friend, your kids, whoever you think would feel special when receiving this milk and cookies Valentine’s Day card.

This set of printable love note cards have three sayings on them:

  1. We go great together. Like milk and cookies.
  2. You’re the milk to my cookies.
  3. We make a great pair.

Printable Love Notes

Printable Love Notes: Valentine's Day Milk and Cookies Cards @

How to Use These Printable Love Notes

These sweet printable love notes as well as the matching Milk and Cookies Art Print are simple to use!

  1. Download the .pdf file. below.
  2. Print out cards onto your favorite heavy card stock, cut out cards, and fold in half.
  3. Print out art print on good quality paper and cut out. You can either frame the print in a 5 x 7 frame or use washi tape to hang it on the wall or your fridge or even the bathroom mirror!

Free Printable Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day Cards & Art Print

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