My January Goals + Updates

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Hi ya’ll! It’s January 8 of 2019. And you know what? Today is the first time I’ve even opened my computer in weeks. We’ve had so much going on that I just needed to step back and take care of my home and family before even trying to think about writing again.

I mentioned in a couple blog posts back that Laura had broken her arm. On top of that we had Nutcracker on Ice and Hannah has been in and out of physical therapy and orthopedic doctor’s visits almost weekly for a few months now. With all of the doctor’s visits and the fact that every time we go see a doctor for either one of them it’s a 2 or 3 hour drive… and it’s a 2 hour and 15 minute drive to the ice rink… I’ve been worn out.

We had a very nice Christmas together. It was quiet. Emily came home for Christmas week and I was so happy to have her home! For new years we traveled down to the Atlanta area to see my parents. You might remember that My mom had breast cancer in 2017 and she’s doing so well now! The last time I saw her in person was over a year ago and she had her double mastectomy.

It was really special to get to spend a few days together. Precious memories!

We took a whole bunch of family photos which was great because the last few times we’ve been together I haven’t though to do that and there’s so few photos of us together! 

Yesterday, I took Hannah back to her orthopedic doctor and this time he drained the bursa sac in her ankle and gave her a cortisone injection. He said no skating this week because even though he didn’t inject the tendon, he wanted to make sure it didn’t weaken the tendon and cause a severe injury. So we are staying home this week! 

Poor kid, her ankle get so swollen from the bursa leaking every time she skates and it’s a chronic issue that is common in figure skaters. Really hoping she won’t need surgery and hoping we see some good effects of the cortisone shot. 

Laura is still in a special sling. It will come off hopefully at the end of January. We got disappointing news from the doctor when they took the cast off – he said she couldn’t ride a horse until March or April. She was devastated but she’s dealing with it like a trooper. 

So, going into this January hasn’t been as smooth as in years past. I’ve got injured kids and not a ton of motivation going on right now. But that’s okay. Things will get better. They always do. 

My house is still being renovated. We’ve had contractors working in our house every single day for over six months now. They are doing a great job. There’s so much work to be done and I’m so glad to finally be getting it done! However, the lack of privacy is a little annoying. These guys are friends of ours we’ve known for 17 years … so not like having strangers in the house… but still, I’ll be glad when it’s done!

I still need to share final photos of the kitchen. It’s so pretty! 

So, I don’t have too many goals for 2019. The last few years I’ve been sticking with just simple lifestyle changes to help me reach my goals. Little habits that help me cultivate self-discipline in different areas of my life. 

related: The Disciplined Homemaker – course is open for enrollment!!

However, there are a few habits I’m working on that I think will help me feel healthier, have less stress, and get more done. 

  1. Meal Prepping & Freezer Cooking
  2. Cardio {in addition to weight training}
  3. Writing more
  4. Intentional Planning
None of these are new habits. And they are actually activities that I have been doing over the last year. However, meal prepping and freezer cooking is a fairly new habit and even though I go to the gym every week I usually focus on weights because it’s more fun… but I know I need to do more cardio! 

I want to start writing more. I’m a writer. It’s what I do. But the last few months have been overwhelming and I haven’t written very much. I wanted to take on a challenge of writing every day for 30 days, but I’m afraid it would be more than I can reasonably accomplish considering the busy season I’m in. No reason to make myself feel bad when I don’t reach the lofty goals I set. So instead, I’m going to set a goal of writing every week. 

With the busy season I am in, planning for me has been kind of lacking. I do better when I have a written plan and lately I’ve been just going with the flow. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that {and actually being able to go with the flow is an important skill to have}, but I know I don’t accomplish as much when I don’t have a written plan. 

The thing is, there is no reason to add unfair pressure to ourselves when the world put enough pressure on us to measure up already. But it is important to set realistic goals and work toward them because life doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. You can wake up every day do the basics, never improve, barely exist, and go to sleep each night with nothing accomplished, nothing changed for the better. I don’t want to just survive. I want to thrive right here where I am right now. 

What about you? How are you going into the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

The Disciplined Homemaker

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from you guys about when The Disciplined Homemaker will open for enrollment again and I’ve decided to open it up on January 28 – that’s in two weeks you guys! So be looking for the emails about it soon!  

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  1. Am excited about my planning diary.. am stil waiting for it ,bt am planning dis year to b more responsible,gud mum,nd a better life plan everyday..
  2. I cannot wait for this, I am ready to be more intentional. I have started off with the clutter and working on getting rid of stuff. However, I still want to be more disciplined and have a plan for my days. I agree that without a plan, I do not get things done as well. Thanking God for leading me to you and your blog, it has been life changing for me and I like how I feel. Ready to do better!