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When my kids were younger, organizing their things presented a challenge. I learned a lot raising five kids about what it takes to organize kids toys and today I’m sharing a few of those tips with you. As a homemaker, organizing kids toys may feel frustrating, but it doesn’t have to!

One area of your home life that can truly get out of control is your children’s toys. Somehow they seem to multiply in the night leaving you wondering where they all come from and how to get them under control and organized.

When my kids were little we had a playroom in the basement for them. We kept all of their toys in the playroom which reduced the messiness in their bedrooms.

I remember many years ago – maybe back in 1995 visiting a lady’s home and it was soooo neat and clean and this is what she did. Her kids’ rooms were so neat and nicely decorated and she organized all of the toys in their playroom. I wanted to be like her!

Keeping your kid’s toys organized doesn’t have to be hard – but it does take consistency. Once you decide how you want to organize their toys, it’s important to stay consistent with having your children pick up their things and put them away every day.

How to Organize Kids Toys

These tips for organizing kids’ toys will help you calm the crazy and wrangle the monster that is your toy box. 

#1 The most important part of organizing kids’ toys is to purge stuff they don’t use.

Most kids will hold on to nearly anything even if it is long broken and unusable. The best thing you can do for organizing the toys is to give this a cleanout while the kids are not around.

Toss everything that is broken and unusable along with simple things kids seem to collect along with trash, papers, and sometimes even food that should have been thrown out.

#2 Take advantage of the things you have in your house to upcycle storage solutions for your kid’s toys.

This could mean anything from boxes from Amazon shipments, shoe boxes, and even fun gift and fabric grocery bags can all make great hanging organizations that free up space by storing upwards.

#3 Label everything to avoid confusion.

It is so easy to forget where something belongs and find yourself searching for a home or just leaving the item around the house in the most random places. A label maker is a great tool for keeping storage containers labeled.

If you have younger children who cannot read, a great way to keep everything organized is to take photos of their things. Attach photos of everything onto the container that the items belong in so your child can see what is inside without having to open it up until they learn to read.

#4 Use space wisely.

So often we limit things to a traditional toy box system but taking advantage of vertical storage space with things like door organizers that can be hung with screws anywhere you desire is a great way to store your kid’s toys up and out of the way while making them easily visible.

#5 Remember kids don’t need a ton of toys.

It’s really okay to limit the amount of toys that come into your house. Children should spend most of their time outside and using their imaginations. Quality toys that inspire their imagination are best. And if you find that your child isn’t enjoying his toys the way he used to, well, he may just have too much.

Kids learn to appreciate their things more when they don’t get everything they see and want.

Useful Products for Organizing Kids Toys

Like I mentioned earlier, keeping kids toys organized doesn’t need to be frustrating. But just any aspect of parenting and homemaking consistency is key. If you keep on top of having toys picked up every day and put away – and make sure you have designated storage solutions for different types of toys – you’ll find that keeping kids toys organized isn’t that hard.

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