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Pathfinder Camporee

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KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

We spent the last few days at the Kentucky-Tennesse Pathfinder Camporee. It was so much fun!

Of course, I always love a good camp out. I had never been to a conference camporee, but the camporee in Osh Kosh every five years is incredible! We can’t wait for that again next summer.

So, we have a small Pathfinder Club. In fact, this year we only have my three girls in the club. In years past we’ve had others join, but not this year. So, my girls have been a little bummed about that and really weren’t that excited about attending the camporee.

Oh how I prayed! I wanted them to have a good time, feel proud of their club, and leave feeling like it was a good experience. God is so good. They had a blast!

In fact, I had a lot of fun too! We left Thursday morning and arrived at camp five or so hours later. I was so so proud of myself because I backed up the trailed nice and neat into the place we needed it set up – which was no small feat. I didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver.

KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

The weather was chilly but nice for the most part. It did rain on Sabbath morning. Thankfully our tents stayed dry!

Friday morning I led a crew of girls for a community service project of picking up trash. They must have found 40 pounds of trash hidden. I didn’t think we’d find that much because the area looked neat and clean. Boy was I surprised!

KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

Anyway, Friday afternoon we got to participate in some fun activities and an obstacle course. There were some pretty cool things to do like walking on stilts. We did that three different times. It was so much fun. I want to make our own so we can race.

KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

There was this huge hay bale covered in a heavy blanket to try and jump/ climb over. You can see it in the background of this pic:

KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

So, I was standing in line and this boy {about 14 years old} looked over at me, eyebrow raised and said, “So… you think you can make it over?”

Okay, so I know I’ll be forty in a couple of years, but gosh! I smiled and said, “I’ve already done it once.”

And he said, “You wanna race.”

And I was like. “Sure.” Ha!

Okay, so I didn’t win… but it was close!

We practiced drilling and marching. We participated in the Run/Walk mile. The girls ran. I ran some of it. Yeah. I really do need to get back into shape.

The last night ended with a riotous game of Dare Base, followed by S’mores around the fire pit.

Sunday morning when we were packing up the camp site, we found several baby walking stick bugs. They were soooo cute!

KYTN Pathfinder Camporee | A Virtuous Woman

What did you do this past weekend? Have you been camping recently?

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