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Ringstaff Family Adventures: Septmber & October 2015

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Ringstaff Family Adventures @ AVirtuousWoman.org

So many good memories. 

The last two months have been crazy good, but there have definitely been some real trials as well – especially with Sarah being hospitalized for eight days at the end of September and she’s still struggling to feel well.

We’ve been busy, but blessed to have so much fun and laughter together. This life is so precious. So very precious. I’m just so thankful each and everyday that our family, large and often off in separate directions is able to come and enjoy time together.

In 2013, after having struggled with some serious burn out and lots of stress, I made a decision to experience joy every day. I don’t let the petty stuff get me down any more. First and foremost, my priority each day is my family. Because in the end, the only thing I might regret is not loving, living, and laughing with them enough.

And setting healthy boundaries, understanding where my true priorities lay, has helped me make the choice each day to be happy, love more, and stress less.

I do wish I had made more videos over the years…. maybe I’ll go back and try to compile some of them together. But this year, 2015, has been amazing and I’m managed to capture a lot of it on video. And while home videos may not be something everyone wants to sit and watch, compiling little clips like this is fun, makes the videos more interesting – and while hearing a person’s voice on video is special, I’ve found that it’s not always necessary. What we’d rather relive is the emotions found in the video clips.

It’s the emotion, the feelings expressed, that is truly priceless.

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  1. Melissa Are you okay? The blog has day 51 and then skips to day 54 with nothing since then. Please let us know how we may pray for you and your family. Praying for you here. Regina
    1. Hi Regina! The skipping to day 54 was just a complete oversight on my part. Ooops! I posted Day 52 today: http://avirtuouswoman.org/friendship-day-52/ . Thanks so much for pointing out my mistake. I have had an awful lot going on. Ever since Sarah was sick in the hospital and we've had multiple doctor visits {another one tomorrow}, traveling, early mornings late nights and I have had a hard time juggling everything 100% smoothly. I appreciate your prayers and support so very much. It means the world to me!

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