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Sundays at Home {Vintage Wallpaper}

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Vintage Wallpaper in my Dining Room - What should I do!? @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Sundays at Home {Intentional Homemaking}

So… you may have already seen photos of the old vintage wallpaper we found when we pulled off the top layer of wallpaper.

So we finally pulled the rest of the carpet off the floor and the hardwood isn’t too bad. But there are a couple of places that really need repairing.

Also, about the wallpaper. The longer I live with it the more it’s growing on me – in a weird sort of way. I can’t really explain it.

So, I told my husband {who loves the wallpaper} that I might want to keep this one wall {pictured above} of wallpaper and paint the other three walls a complementary color.

But what color?

And do I really want to restore the wallpaper? And how would I restore the wallpaper? Paint? Watercolors?

I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me.

Here’s a short video of my dining room so you can see what I’m really working with. Yes, in the photos is looks charming, but I think this video shows the damage pretty well.

So… any ideas? I’m stumped. Sort of.

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  1. It's a little hard to get the feel for the colors that are in the wallpaper, but from the looks of it, a pretty green to match might work well on the other 3 walls.
  2. I love the wallpaper. Do you know the age of the wallpaper? How old is the house? if you were to paint, sage green shades would be a nice compliment. I think some of the discoloration from the video adds character and an old feel to the paper that reminds me of pictures of murals in Italy.
    1. Thank you Anne! I believe it was the original wallpaper from when the house was built in 1950. The man who built the house was very wealthy and he spared no expense in this house. So it would stand to reason maybe the wallpaper is valuable. I'm considering my options. We aren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. But I do want to find out if the wallpaper is worth something. Who knows? It's not likely, but then again... :)
      1. Melissa, please let us know what you find out about the wallpaper. It is so pretty. I agree, too, that if you decide to paint - the sage would look lovely. You have a beautiful home.
  3. If you do go with a sage, I used a Sherwan Williams paint in my bedroom called Saybrook Sage that I just loved. It was a peaceful color. You could go with a light taupe too to warm up the room but not overwhelm. Good Luck :)
    1. Hi Hilary, yesterday I went and got a slew of paint chips in a range of colors... so I'm making progress. Slowly. I like sage, too. I'm trying to decide based on the wallpaper colors and my plans for the rest of the house what will work and flow nicely. Thanks!
  4. I love the wallpaper!I think a sage green would be pretty or even ivory. I enjoy reading with you every morning. Good Luck with your project!
  5. Looking at your photos and video I would have guessed that your home had been built between 1890-1910 so it really surprised me when you said 1950. I had thought maybe a very light shade of blue to bring out the shades of green and pink.To maybe make the dinning room have a slight Victorian feel.
    1. Tammy, the man who built our home was quite wealthy. He used only the best of the best. But the house sat empty for two years before we bought it and declined. It's definitely a 1950's house which is obvious if you walk through it. It is a beautiful home though. We've had to do a LOT of work on the house over the last 11 years and we are no where near done. Maybe one of these days I'll share a video tour of the whole house. :) Thanks!
  6. I happened on the photos of your family sitting at the family dining table a couple of days ago. I happened to notice the table, chandelier, and wallpaper. First impression, I thought it was beautiful, of course in the photo you can't tell of all the discoloration/damage. But as a suggestion, Because it's so stunning, if you'd like, you can keep the mural that runs horizontal to the table. Paint all the other walls an ivory, or similar shade to the background color in the mural. This will give you a continuous flow, and be easy on the eyes. Since you are putting wainscoting up, you can paint the lower half of the wainscoting a softer, more pastel version of the teal blue in your home(if it should match well with colors in the mural). Think robin's egg blue. Keep the chair rail and trim white/or ivory in satin or semi-gloss. I think it would be gorgeous. If you are using bead board wainscoting then you would want the chair rail/and lower half to be painted the same color. I'm assuming the chair rail would continue all the way around the room. I saw what you did in making your bath lovely-you have an eye for that. Blessings!
  7. Melissa, please save your gorgeous mural! You have a real treasure! I live in a 1920's house in a historic district and would love this. Can you make the sky part of the mural a sun-setty or beigish sky? Lots of washes of color to blend in the discolored parts with the rest, for an overall peachy / beighish look? I love the wainscot idea for the lower walls. I would do a light sage / beig-ish color there . I would also keep the mural on all walls, blending in the sky area s I mentioned above. Your floors are also gorgeous - those wide planks are beautiful. Are they oak? Looks like the replacement slats may be pine? Perhaps you could get some reclaimed wide oak, cut and stain them to better match?It's such a small area, you could also leave it alone and if you sand and poly, it may blend better. I know all this is expensive but not sure what you are budgeting. Would love to hear your thoughts on these suggestions. Love your blog! Paige
    1. Hi Paige, I love your ideas. :) It's going to be a while probably before we actually finish the dining room. We have too many things going on right now. However, I do like the idea of blending in the sky of the mural... do you suggest paint? We'll probably replace the damaged flooring at some point. My husband's a pastor and our budget is limited. Thanks so much for sharing and I'll post more as it happens! :)
  8. Learn more about wallpaper murals here: http://retrorenovation.com/2014/03/13/where-to-find-wallpaper-murals/ I hope you can save them, they're a cool vintage touch!

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