The Heart of Her Husband: Day 2

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As Proverbs 31 wives we have so much power to be a source of light and goodness in our husband’s lives. Today I’m talking about the importance of praying for your husband and asking the question: Do you pray for your husband?

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Do you pray for your husband? @

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” Proverbs 31:11

With Valentine’s Day approaching in just a few days… I thought it would be fun to focus on different aspects of the marriage relationship or rather, how you and I can be better wives! Proverbs 31 tells us that the heart of the virtuous woman’s husband could safely trust in her. Does your husband trust you or does his hear lie in fear of what is coming?

You can read the rest of this series here.

Do you pray for your husband?

Do you really pray for your husband? As wives, we should be on our knees every mornings offering petitions on behalf of our spouse. Not selfish prayers (Lord, could you please make him a better husband?) but prayers that are fervent, earnest, and heartfelt.

Your husband leaves home each morning to go to work and will face frustrations and temptations. He needs a covering of prayer. Years ago, I read the book by Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Wife. It is an excellent book you should read if you have not already!

In the first few pages she writes:

“As I sat there, God also impressed upon my heart that if I would deliberately lay down my life before His throne, die to the desire to leave, and give my needs to Him, He would teach me how to lay down my life in prayer for Michael. Ge would show me how to really intercede for him as a son of Hod, and in the process He would revive my marriage and pour His blessings our on both of us….

I began to pray everyday for Michael, like I had never prayed before. Each time, though, I had to confess my own hardness of heart, I saw how deeply hurt and unforgiving of him I was. I don’t want to pray for him. I don’t want to ask God to bless him. I only want God to strike his heart with lightning and convict him of how cruel he has been, I thought. I had to say over and over, “God, I confess my unforgiveness toward my husband. Deliver me from all of it.”

Your prayers for your husband have power. Claim Scripture promises over him. When you have a disagreement with your husband, instead of arguing and raising your voice ask God to give you a meek and quiet spirit. Remember the words of the Bible that a soft voice turns away wrath. Go and pray about it.

There is power in prayer, but you need to have a right spirit. Ask God to forgive you of your own stubborn pride, your own selfish attitude and to create a clean heart within you.

There are so many things you can pray about for your husband. Stormie lists thirty different ways to pray for your husband. Some of them include:

  • his work
  • his finances
  • his temptations
  • his health
  • his priorities
  • his fatherhood

Think of some of the areas in your own husbands life that you can give some serious prayer attention and write them down.

I like to encourage women to keep a prayer journal. Writing down your prayers will help you stay accountable and focused when praying. Perhaps you would like to make a bookmark with a list of areas in your husband’s life that you can pray about and put it in your prayer journal or Bible. However you decide to pray, make it a daily habit and watch how God will bless your marriage!

Articles for wives who are hurting:

Free Praying for My Husband Bookmarks

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  1. I have never kept a prayer journal--I may look up a place where I could see a sample page. I've learned so much the last few years but I still have a long way to go!
  2. I think that trust is the most important element ever between a man and a woman. Also, when reading about the submission part, experience shows us that men DO like to lead and if they don't, chances are..............she's making all the decisions. That may sound wonderful to some of us (:o)(:o), but truly, God's word says what is better for us. This came at a very good moment for me and reminded me of just how sacred our own words should be.
  3. I love keeping a prayer journal. I love to write, and it's one of the main ways I can really pour out my heart. This has been amazing for me in the past, and continues to prove useful for me today. =) If you're not keeping one, you should at least try it. This lesson today has definitely hit me over the head...sometimes I need that. =) Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. IHello Melissa: I read this when it was first posted but I did not get time to post if i rush posting I always have spelling mistakes. I remember the first time i learn to forgive my husband for being a flirt and doing things he did not realize was wrong. I use to wonder why some regions of the country had more flirts than others. You can watch people from different states and you can compare how they communicate. Children live what children learn. I pray soemtimes for hours for my precious mate. While traveling with my husband for many years i came to realize people are just people where ever you go and most do not call it flirting, and maybe that is why divoce is higher in parts of the country than others. Learning to communicate is big buisness. You can bank on that eharmony and lots of dating services are counting on misconseptions in order to get their big contracts. I felt that where ever you have a mate that has had divorced parents ,you will find a very manipulative person who can not communicate and does not understand their own emotions. My husbands emotional needs have been a my main prayer focus as i believe every marriage is. This is what I have prayed for the most, communication, good if any manipulations, big buisness for us and not for consumers from us. For us not to become just another statistic. Our children to find with our homelife and actions two parents us, who can build a empire for God and lead guide and direct life in a more possitive foundation, than ever built by prayer and knowing Gods Laws.
  5. I pray daily, as it comes to my mind, Lord please put your protective hedge around my husband on his way to work, at work and in all he does today. Let your angels take charge and watch over him as he sacrifices time with his children and Me to make a living and provide for us. God if anything should happen, please give those who are around him the wisdom and knowledge to know what to do or Who to call, and the courage to do it. God I praise your name for all you've helped him accomplish. Be with him, Lord, help him, give him an uplift in spirit. Let what ever he touches prosper and help him to find ways of solving any problem that arises. God you've blessed me with such a wonderful, caring man to share my life and raise a family with; be a comfort to his heart, soul and mind. Surround him with your presence and let this day be a great day. Thank you Lord for all you have done, all you are doing and going to do. I will give you the glory, the honor and the praise. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.
  6. Melissa Each morning, I pray as I awake and begin to praise God for my life and my family . One fatal day a horible surgery left me with serious health issues. I am thankful for life not only mine but every life. Especially the life of Jesus Christ that came and left us with the Christen teachings. In order to form a perfect church for God to return and Love. I make breakfast, first if I see my husband is in a hurry I never take the shower first because we getup at 5:00. there is no time for me. I must always put myself last. It has always been that way. this alone makes it hard for me to hold a job outside of our house. In the evening and most of the day , I am home and or at teachings in the Church for women. I am cleaning cooking sewing reading or writing about God and the teachings of Jesus. Before I found this site I was easily influenced to waste time by self rightous woman who called themselves Christian woman. Now I am seeking to win some of those to a deeper more meaningful relationship with christ. Especially to grow in the same way myself and get over my own selfrightousness. As we each have trouble with that according Gods word. After I get my children off to school. I return to pray time and then cleaning. I am noticing I am getting off schedule lately by worrying to much about what others think of me. So, now this week I am deeply concentrating on putting Christ first and no one else then I know everything will fall in place. Intimacy with Christ brings Intimacy with my mate. then a different kind of tender self is created in my mothering this is also called intimacy with God. My husband has slowly but surely become a person who I can trust. I know God can do all things. I trust God to help us grow together. We both have trouble with Diabetis mine came first after a surgery, and then his came the same way years after. I refused to take the medicine and I walked and prayed and God healed me. Now I am trying to help my husband become more active again. Often it is not easy. I take good care of my family, I mean I know their personalities better than anyone. So, if anyone can rejuvenate them it hasgoing to be me. When my husband goes to work he works in a isolated area alone. So we could never depend on the people at work to come to his aid. We have been through things and we have found people in the world could care less about us, so we muct care about each other. We found this out with our daughter the way she was brutally attacked once that left our familys heart broken. Our son attacked in Junior high, and high school by children whose parents claim to be christians. My children were taught not to hit back, to be good christians. Now we know better, we now teach them to take their part and never allow anyone to beat you or take your life. God alone can reach their inner spirtual concious. My Family My Gift From God! I Praise God For My Family.
  7. Just started reading your blogs and its been very encouraging and has had so much conformation for me in these passages! Im loving them! I was only 19 when i got married and didnt see marrriage as i do now at 23. We have been through so much but its becaues of God that we have made it this far and i know he can bring us through anything. But my roll as a wife is very important to me now and im always looking for spiritual encouragment and guidance on the roll as a wife or marriave. =)
  8. I'm not married ,I have 2 teenage boys ,every day for the past year I've been praying for a God fearing man, kind ,loving,a good leader with integrity. I met someone online but his abroad ,divorced with an adult son .From day one we connected and i'ts been over 3 years .We've spoken about him coming to visit but due to his work schedule and that he was in an accident beginning of last year it seemed impossible, lately his distant ,talks to me like a pal friend .It's hurting cos I have fallen inlove with him and I pray for him as if he was my husband .I saw the potential in him ,sense of humour ,his faith, he wanted stability ,companionship and a life partner ,same things I needed ,I decided not to make contact unless he does first ,it kills me but my pride won't let me persue him more than I already have ,in my culture a man must do the hunting ,though it kills me inside because we shared a lot ,I lost my job and i so needed his comfort . I keep praying for him and hoping that the feeling can be mutual... Am i insane in loving and praying for this man ? If Jesus was here ,next to me ,what would he say ? I'm 41 and his 51 ,am i wishing or holding on to a fairy tale ?or will my faith and love prevail ?
    1. Hi Pricilla. I'm so sorry you're heart is hurting. My advice to you is that if he's making excuses then he may not ever make a commitment to you. The fact that he lives abroad is concerning to me. If you are important to him he will make you a priority. If you are feeling confused about your relationship that seems like a big red flag.