The Heart of Her Husband: Day 4

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Trust in marriage is one of the most vital aspects of a healthy marriage. Today we’re asking the question: Can your husband trust you? Let’s look at the different ways your husband should be able to trust you in your marriage.

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“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” Proverbs 31:11

With Valentine’s Day approaching in just a few days… I thought it would be fun to focus on different aspects of the marriage relationship or rather, how you and I can be better wives! Proverbs 31 tells us that the heart of the virtuous woman’s husband could safely trust in her. Does your husband trust you or does his hear lie in fear of what is coming?

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Can your husband trust you?

Trust is one of the most important issues in any relationship. There are many levels of trust. The first idea that comes to my mind when I think of trust is adultery. Whether or not your husband can trust you to stay faithful, to give your heart, mind and body to no one else. Once the threat or reality of an affair has occured, regaining trust can be very difficult and the feeling of betrayal runs deep.

I would imagine that most of you reading this article are not struggling with this type of trust issue. But there are other ways you can give your husband reason to doubt or mistrust you.

  • Do you hide your purchases from your husband?
  • Do you fail to do the “busy work” he asks you to do? (i.e. phone calls, pick up dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Do you not work to keep the house clean so he is unable to spontaneously invite friends or co-workers over?
  • Do you have a short temper or critical spirit?
  • Do you fail to prepare food for him every day so he can count on his meals?
  • Do you waste money?
  • Do you flirt with other men? (however “innocently”)
  • Do you speak critically of or to his mother?
  • Do you neglect to care properly for his children?

There are so many different ways you can tear down your own house. Only you know the method you are using. Ask God to deliver you from these sins and ask your husband to forgive you as well. Spend time daily in prayer seeking out that meek and quiet spirit that only comes from our Father in Heaven. He can restore the trust in your marriage.

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  1. Yes indeed! I love the drawing Melissa - I think I may use this as inspiration for St. Valentine's - I can imagine it in a card. My fiancé is delighted that I adore his mother (I really and truly do) and try to do things that she does - because it makes him happy. That's a St. Valentine's Day gift, isn't it?
  2. Great points today Melissa. I hope you don't mind me adding depth to - "Do you flirt with other men? (however “innocently”)" In the book Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Etheridge she talks about this in great detail. You don't want to give room for the devil to come into your marriage by what you call innocent. In this day and age where Christian divorce rate mirrors that of secular marriages we need to do what ever it takes to protect our marriages. I can attest that this is a slippery slope so as Ms. Etheridge would say, "keep loose lips closed." I say flirt with the one that you are in covenant with and add a little spice. He appreciates being appreciated as much as you do. Have a blessed and awesome day ladies.
  3. Thank you Melissa for this. The Lord has been calling me to come up higher in some of these areas from day 1-4. I had gotten so busy serving others that I let my marriage suffer and needed a reminder of the importance of submitting to my husband again, respecting my husband and being trust worthy in the area of our home(more organized and clean), wasting money, and respecting him. I had gotten way out of balance and the Lord had me let go of some of the things I was doing, even though they were good and serving my community, they were taking up way too much of my time and energy. I have repented of it and I am so glad for this study. I needed to embrace the importance of my Biblical role in my marriage, I want to be a helpmate for my husband so that he can rise up and be all he was meant to be. I know as I please the Lord, it will please my husband and I will be more at peace. I need this study to give me guidance and encouragement. And it is right on time.... Thank you!
  4. I am l oving the series. One thing that I did several months ago after being convicted was to take off exboyfriend from Facebook. It just didn't seem right. Leave room for no doubt! :D
  5. Melissa My husband comes from a family that ws broken from the norm. Thast as far as I will elaborate. We have worked through so many bad things we should not say and do i a marriage it is uncanning. Many of the things on you rlist are things my husband ws doing to his family, why because of his families break up. I Love my husband and yes, some times we want to throw in the towel, but more than anything we are smarter for listening and thinking things through. Every family has disfuctions. Drawing close as a family and keeping strangers at bay keeps intimacy inside your home and family and marriage. Cora