The Heart of Her Husband: Day 5

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As part of the Heart of Her husband series, today we’re talking about being a grateful wife and showing your husband appreciation for the work he does.

Do you show your husband gratitude? @

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” Proverbs 31:11

I thought it would be fun to focus on different aspects of the marriage relationship or rather, how you and I can be better wives! Proverbs 31 tells us that the heart of the virtuous woman’s husband could safely trust in her. Does your husband trust you or does his hear lie in fear of what is coming?

You can read the rest of this series here.

Do you show your husband appreciation?

Your husband goes out each day and does his best to provide a home, food, clothing, and more for you and your family. Or have you let little irritants and annoying habits cloud your view of him?

When you first met the man you eventually married, I would bet that you only saw the good stuff and brushed off the bad telling yourself that those things didn’t really matter anyway. We all do it. That’s why they say love is blind! But then, once marriage comes and the honeymoon wears off those negative irritants who seemed so small before become great big nuisances.

It’s time to reclaim the good and let go of the bad. Show your husband how much you appreciate what he does for you.

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay at home while your husband works, I want to encourage you to count your blessings. Working outside the home and then coming home and still having all the household tasks to take care of is hard!

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Most husbands are not that hard to please. A clean house, well-mannered children, some good food, and a pleasant wife are really all it takes to show him that you appreciate what he is doing and that you love him. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Being thankful and showing your husband you appreciate him is part of respecting him.

Articles for wives who are hurting:

If your husband is difficult to please, or you feel confused about your marriage, I want you to know you aren’t alone.

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  1. "Women who stay home have no excuse for not doing their job and then expecting their husbands to come home and do all those things they didn’t feel like doing – washing the dishes, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids." I like that :) I have chronic pain, so I do sometimes have an excuse for not getting the housework done--and my husband is okay with that. But I sure don't expect him to do it once he gets home! It can wait till the next day when I'm better.
  2. Hello: Melissa Yes, we have many chores, I work very hard to make things nice even perfect for my husband, he generaly does not have to do anything I always hand him his plate he does not have to look for it. We eat together and pray at the table. We try hard to not allow outsiders or anything to come into our personal life that could prevent us from recognizing what our family and home life means to us and to heavenly father. Simplicity is the most important factors we can work with. Using practical tips and ideas to enhance our excitement between us and keeping our children close is easy while intimacy with God and inour marriage keeps us tender and real to be tender with our raising of our children. My children are watching me, if I stop caring about life and caring for myself and those I love. They will become depressed, but we keep strong for them.
  3. Katie, obviously if you have a physical disability/ illness my statement wouldn't necessarily apply. I was refering to normal healthy women! ;) I have a chronic illness myself which at times has been very hard on my energy levels, etc. God bless you! - Melissa Ringstaff