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Hi, friends!

I feel like I haven’t been as active on A Virtuous Woman for quite a long time. And I’ve been wanting to share with you things that are going on, but at the same time I tend to be very private and I have a hard time writing when life is stressful. The last two years have just been tough. I kept thinking things would get easier but life is just as hectic and maybe more stressful than ever.

Part of the reason, I think, that I haven’t been posting as much is that I “feel” like I need to always be posting things that are “helpful” and sometimes I’m just not able to offer much emotionally because life isn’t always easy or neat and things don’t always fall into place. I want to get past that and just start writing again. I don’t always need to share with you, my sweet readers, the best tips and tricks. Sometimes it would be okay to just share, right?

Me and my girl, Sarah. I just love that face!

So, I am going to give you a quick update and hopefully I’ll be able to share more with you soon. First of all, my oldest daughter, Sarah, who spent most of last year very sick, in the hospital, and nearly died from Crohn’s Disease, got engaged at the end of January to a fine young man she’s been dating for about three years. I’ve been meaning to share about all of that and I still plan to – the wedding is on September 24.

Flowers on one of my hydrangea bushes.

In March my sweet mama was diagnosed with a rare, but very aggressive form of breast cancer. She’s been undergoing chemo treatments for the last few weeks and is looking at having surgery at the end of the summer. She’s so precious to me and learning that she has cancer was one of the most devastating things I think I’ve ever faced. The good news is that she caught the cancer early. I would, of course, appreciate your prayers for my mom. Her name is Susan and she has such a sweet heart for the Lord.

In April, my son, James, and his wife, Hannah Claire, moved away from where they were living 1/2 a mile from me to the Chattanooga area and while I know it was a good decision – my son needs to finish up his degree – I miss them.

All my kids the night of Emily’s college graduation.
My beautiful girls, left to right: Sarah, Hannah, Emily, and Laura.

My daughter Emily will be moving away to go to a university this August, too, and Sarah will be getting married in September and moving to Michigan.

Last weekend our sweet dog, Madeline, who we’ve had for over ten years since she was just 8 weeks old passed away very unexpectedly and that was devastating to our family. I miss hearing her happy barks when we come home!

Our beloved, and very missed, Madeline.

Anyway, so many changes in a short amount of time and I’m not really ready for all of those changes! So, if you’ve wondered why I’m not posting as much – that’s the short story version. I’m working on lots of ideas for A Virtuous Woman and have plans to finish up that study on the Book of Job that I started a few weeks ago… plus lots more. Bear with me! Lots to come this summer here at A Virtuous Woman! I hope you’re summer is going well!

P.S. I don’t want to suggest that my life is all bad or sad in anyway. Here’s a short family video I put together from our last few months… So many sweet memories. I love my family!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, just sharing. Living the real deal out loud helps the rest of us to do the same when life is messy and hurting and not the way we thought it would be. And while I know there are plenty of people with difficult circumstances, we have to remember that it's not a contest for who has the saddest story. Kara Tippets mentioned often that everyone of is has a "hard" we are facing, whether it's cancer or a move or an unmet expectation and that in those moments we cling to Jesus no matter what that "hard" is. Be encouraged to know I will be praying for you and your family today. Stay strong Mama! Brittney
  2. You are wonderful ❤ I'm happy you shared with your online community, life is hard but oh so beautiful! I will pray for your mother Susan & for your family to stay close & strong. God bless you! Robin
  3. I so sorry to hear about your troubles, but of course you can just share. Everyone needs that. I will be keeping you in my prayers.
  4. Sweet Sister, you've had a lot going on! I'm lifting you and your precious family in prayer. May God bless you all abundantly! In His Love, Erin
  5. Melissa Ty for sharing Your suffering . We are called to pray for Those who are suffering and I will Pray for our good God to Be glorified as you serve Him sharing your story so openly and waiting for His glory to be Revealed Angela Isaiah 41:10 God is near to the broken hearted
  6. Life at times can be very hard and we don't always understand. Right now our family our family is facing the hardest struggle of our lives. Our youngest son was in an accident Friday and went home to be with his Jesus. Only our precious faithful loving Father. An fill the void that we feel. He and his beautiful fiancé were to be married September 9th and had just stepped into the role of youth pastors at our church. His heart for God was amazing and in his 20 years he has touched so many. Please pray for us as we walk this path lying before us. Definitely not a chosen one but definitely one that we do not walk alone. Beauty from ashes and mourning into dancing. God is Good.
  7. Wow - that's a LOT of change to process all at once! No wonder you're emotionally exhausted :-) Sending prayers for your momma - current treatments are light years ahead of where they were even just a few years ago - chemo can be really tough - much love and strength from this 5-year survivor of ovarian cancer. <3 <3 <3
  8. My pastor always says "we only grow to the threshold of our pain". I encourage you to keep putting one foot in front of the other, just keep moving forward and I believe you will find your ministry will grow beyond what you think or can imagine. I am also going threw a difficult time right now. I am dealing with aging parents, my Dad is in the late stages of Alzheimer's dementia and my mom recently moved into a senior housing and now we are in the process of breaking up their home. My youngest son (I have 4) just graduated high school. I have no more babies!! I am also dealing with relationship issues. In the midst of all this I am walking into a new season of ministry. The temptation to put it on the back burner is very tempting, but I think that's just what the enemy wants. I choose to press on. I will commit to pray for you and I believe you will come out stronger then before. Blessings, Lorrie
  9. Thank you for being transparent about your own struggles and journey. A daughter struggling with a chronic illness & mother with breast cancer affects you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It's takes a lot of energy, prayer, and support to get through those tough days. Raising a family, homeschooling & ministering to others as well is a very full and challenging life. Your family is beautiful and growing up. When a child leaves home it's an adjustment. A wedding is a beautiful time for a family but is also stressful ( good stress). You will be in my prayers as you face each day. God's mercies are new every morning & He will give you strength for each day.
  10. Wow what a full plate You have... Thank You from heart for sharing it all... You inspire me to keep keeping on. I pray for You and everyone in Your family to continue to Walk In His Love... His Grace... And His Healing. I too endure the awful effects of Crohns Disease and knocked on deaths door too many times... But... I know and fully Believe that when His Word says that By His Stripes I WAS HEALED then by golly I WILL WALK in That Healing and so will Your Mom and Daughter! I so appreciate ALL the posts, pictures, and help You share with us because You have really become my inspiration. I found Your Blog at a dark time in my Life and can't get enough... Lol You helped me strengthen my relationship with God plus encouraged me to do anything I set my mind to... After I pray about it! Thank You Thank You Thank You! God Bless You Melissa!