You know you’re and Ice Skating Mom when…

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You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org

You know you’re an ice skating mom when your winter coat is also your summer coat. I actually invested in a new coat a few weeks ago because I was tired of being so cold all the time. My everyday wool coat was just not cutting it.

It’s made from a soft t-shirt material on the outside and the inside is filled with warm downy goodness. I love my new coat.

Hannah had her second ice skating competition a few weeks ago. This is particularly amazing because if you knew my Hannah, you’d know she’s a very shy girl. She was born shy – when she was a baby and strangers would come and fuss over her, she’d hide her face.

You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org
Getting ready for the competition. We woke up a 3 am and drove to Knoxville.


At the age of fourteen, she no longer hides her beautiful face, but she still feels shy when she’s in new situations or around people she doesn’t know very well.

But somehow, when she’s on the ice, she’s in her element.

I used to worry about Hannah a lot because it seemed like her sisters all had something they were passionate about and were good at and were often praised for by others.

I worked hard to encourage her, praise her for those things she was amazing at – like her heart for nature and her talent for finding unusual bugs or salamanders. I’ve never met another kid like her – she’s amazing at finding those things the rest of us miss.

But as hard as I tried to make her feel special, I had this sense that she felt “less than.” It’s hard when you have some children or a child who really shines at something like art or music or school and another child who does not. They feel it, even if you’re careful not to heap praise on the one and not the other.

I shed more than a few tears and prayed many prayers asking God to help me find something she could shine in.

You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org
Hannah’s hair for her second competition.


Three years ago we took the girls down to Knoxville for a fun day at the ice rink. It was a novelty, something we rarely did and they were all excited. I even got out on the ice and tried to stay upright.

Everyone had fun, but Hannah – she loved it. In fact, for a whole year she begged us to let her take ice skating lessons.

The problem was that Knoxville {and the closest ice rink} was a 2 1/2 hour drive for us. One way. Which meant five hours of driving each time we went to Knoxville.

But she kept asking.

So, two summers ago we decided to let her take lessons to see how she did. And if I had know then what I know now, I would have signed her up for lessons the first time she asked.

She was tallest one in her beginner class and the oldest – a class filled with mostly 5 and six year olds. But that did’t matter. She was determined to learn how to skate.

You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org
Mid -air during the Ballet Jump.


We drive down to Knoxville usually once a week, sometimes a few times a week. {One of the perks of homeschooling.} And she skates for eight hours – all day long – practicing her skills with the occasional 15 minute break. It’s a 14 hour day for us minimum.

Her hard work has paid off and she’s averaged 8 to 10 days of practice for each skill level. She’s in Freestyle 3 now.

You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org
Wrapping her feet, bandaging her toes, wearing ankle braces, and enduring the pain

She’d be there everyday practicing if she could. And my mama’s heart wishes I could give that to her. But right now, it’s just not possible.

{This video below is not of her competition, but it’s the same program she did for the competition. This was her performance test for Freestyle 2 back in February.}

Click on HD for better viewing.

So, like I said earlier, Hannah did an excellent job on her test performance tonight for Freestyle 2. She’s worked really hard. We’re very proud of her!

Posted by Melissa Ringstaff on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


For her second competition, she had two events – Solo Program and Solo Compulsory. She took second place for the Solo Program and fist place for the Solo Compulsory event. I’m thrilled for her.

You know you're an ice skating mom when... @ AVirtuousWoman.org
First Place – Solo Compulsory Event. She looks so grown up here to me!


But whether she had won a ribbon or not, I’m so very, very proud of her because I know how hard she works each week. I know how much she loves ice skating. And I’m an so thankful to God for giving her this gift, something special just for her.

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