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Christmas ADVENTures
in Prophecy.

This Christmas discover the prophecies and their fulfillment regarding Jesus' birth, life, death, & resurrection.

Free printable Prophecy Advent Cards about the birth, life, death, and resurrecton of Jesus Christ!

Each daily scripture card features a Bible verse prophecy about Jesus followed by the Bible verse fulfillment of that prophecy!

Simple to use and easy to understand. Your family will enjoy the wonderment of God's Word together!

You'll also receive a series of emails featuring crafts and activities to do along with the Scripture Cards.

Hi there, I'm Melissa!

I created these prophecy cards many years ago believing that when we see how prophecy is fulfilled we gain a deeper wonderment and excitement for the Word of God.

Since then, thousands of families have enjoyed using them. I believe you will too!

I've been writing at since 2001 and love providing helpful resources for women like you. I can't wait to share more with you!

25 Day Advent Prophecy Cards to Print

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