8 Printable Schedules for Your Toddler

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Toddlers need structure in order to feel secure. Creating structure for your toddler helps them know what to expect throughout the day. Today I’m sharing 20 printable schedules for your toddler to help you create simple routines that make your day – and your toddler’s day better!

8 Printable Schedules for your Toddler @ AVirtuousWoman.org
Originally published February 2018. Updated February 2024.

Routines are important for toddlers and help them feel secure during the day. A gentle rhythm to the day offers moms and toddlers an easier way to transition from one activity to the next. Routines and schedules help toddlers understand time as well help them establish good habits that will carry them through a lifetime.

As a mom, you can practice good habits with your little one which help train them to be responsible when they are older. Plus, a good routine will allow you to spend quality time with your toddler one on one and as a family.

I think you’ll find the following printable schedules for toddlers help you find a starting point for making your day easier by adding structure to your toddler’s day.

My son James when he was a toddler.
My son James when he was a toddler.

8 Printable Schedules for Toddlers

1. Structuring the Day for a Toddler. This detailed post encourages moms to live in the present, enjoy their toddlers, and structure the day in a practical way. You can print out the example schedule at the end of the post.

2. Home Visual Schedule, Morning and Night Routine. These printable schedules for morning and night are perfect for hanging on the bedroom door, on the wall, or on the fridge.

3. Toddler’s Morning Routine. Print out this easy to use toddler’s morning routine and laminate it f desired. Plus, learn about 6 ways to make the morning transitions easier!

4. Morning Routine Cards. These printable cards would work well for a toddler as well as preschool or elementary age children.

5. Morning Routine Cards to Laminate. Create a stress free morning with these adorable printable routine cards. I love the Good Morning Hugs one!

6. Good Morning and Good Night Charts. These visual schedules will help your toddler know what is expected.

7. Adorable Morning Routine Cards for Toddlers. Make your mornings a little easier with these oh so cute morning routine cards for kids. I love how she displayed them on a string with clothes pins!

8. Colorful Visual Morning Schedule. These printable schedules for kids are available in both boys’ and girls’ schedules, with several hair/skin tones to choose from.

Creating a structured day for your toddler takes a little effort, but once you get into a good routine you’ll find that your day runs smoother and you both feel less stress. I hope these fantastic printable schedules for your toddler will help!

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