Basic Household Notebook

Household notebook
Photo Credit: Libby Withnall

The Household Notebook will help you keep your house tidy and your life organized!

  1. Daily Planner
  2. Daily Tasks
  3. Daily Schedule
  4. Monthly Calendar
  5. Blank Menu
  6. Pantry Inventory
  7. Freezer Inventory
  8. Grocery Price List – 8.5 x 11
  9. Grocery Price List – 5 x 8
  10. Cleaning the Kitchen
  11. Cleaning the Refrigerator
  12. Cleaning the Stove
  13. Mealtime Cleanup
  14. Caring for the Bedroom
  15. Making the Bed
  16. Cleaning the Bathroom
  17. Chore Chart
  18. Potty Chart

*Adobe Reader is required. You can download it free here .

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