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Let’s think a moment about Proverbs 31. I happen to LOVE this chapter of the Bible!

Beginning with verse 10:
10. A Woman’s Worth – How do we aquire a virtuous spirit? A virtuous woman is able to do all she does BECAUSE of her faith in God – her relationship with Christ.
11. Her husband can safely trust in here – how many areas of a marriage require trust? Finances, parenting, housekeeping, shopping, words we speak, intimate moments, friendships, etc.
12. She loves her husband – she does him good, not evil. Again this relates to the verse above.
13. She works willing with her hands – she doesn’t grumble when she does the laundry, bathes the children, trains her children to pick up their toys, cooks meals for her family, adds to the family’s financial well being (whether through a home business, working outside the home when needed, or by spending money wisely.), etc.And she works hard.
14. She does the grocery shopping – (in my household my hubby does this, BUT..) most women do the grocery shopping, and it is important that they take care in this important task to purchase foods that will be enjoyed and provide good nutrition for their families.
15. She rises early and begins her chore – It is important for women to spend time with their Heavenly father daily and the early morning hours are often the best time of the day to do this. It is also helpful for women to get their daily tasks done early in the day.
16. She considers a field and purchases it. – what does this mean for today’s modern woman/ mom? She considered the field – hence she thought about it made sure it was a wise decision before acting on it, she probably sought the advice of her husband since that would have been a large investment. Today’s women should consider what they need and make purchases, not on impulse, but by considering their options carefully. Notice the second part of this verse – she planted a vineyard after making the purchase. She didn’t let it go to waste. She was also helping to provide financial security for her family. She worked willingly with her hands, too.
17. She girdeth her loins and strengtheneth her arms. – She worked hard. Many women today don’t have to garden unless they want to, they don’t girdeth their loins certainly. However, women DO work hard (or should) to provide comfortable lives for their families. Hard work/ exercise is also important for women to stay healthy, strong, and alert through their lifetimes.
18. She perceives her merchandise is good (her candle does not go out by night – hence she didn’t buy a junk/ cheap candle that burned out quickly.) Again, women should consider their purchases to be worthy of their money. Buying something that falls apart quickly but was cheaper (i.e. a cheap washer and dryer) would actually cost more money in the long run. The second part of the verse also suggests that the virtuous woman works late into the day providing a good life for her family – we all know how hard moms work and how often moms are up late working on homework assignments, preparing lunches for the next day, straightening up the house, etc. This is often necessary. What happens to women if they don’t balance all this work with time spent with God??
19. She layeth her hands to the spindle. – Very few women today weave fabric. But we do weave our lives into either a good fabric full of beauty or a poor fabric full of holes. What do women today lay their hands on? Trashy novels? The remote control? What should we be tending to/ laying our hands on? This verse again suggests that she worked hard and willingly for her family.
20. She stretcheth out her hands to the poor and the needy. – She volunteers in her community and at church. She seeks to be a good neighbor. She gives of herself to the poor in spirit and to the emotionally needy as well as to those who have little material wealth.
21. Her family has no fear of the snow because they are clothed in warm garments. – Women every where concern themselves with their families needs. Johnny needs new school clothes, Sally needs new notebooks, the towels are threadbare, the fridge is empty, winter is coming and coats are needed, hubby needs new socks, etc. She concerns herself, uses her financial savvy to purchase items her family needs out of love for them.
22. She maketh herself coverings. The virtuous woman made sure that her home was full of warmth and beauty and handmade items. She made coverings for the beds and windows and such. Today’s woman may go out and purchase these items or she may choose to make some of them. However she provides her home with the needed furnishings she does it out of love and an attitude of care. She purchased clothing that was appropriate to her status/ role in life. She wore beautiful clothing – but she wouldn’t have gone out and blown her husbands paycheck on a $100 dress if it was not within the means of their budget.
23. Her husband is known in the gates – ever heard the saying “Behind every good man is a good woman?” What husband can truly succeed, be respected in his field, and be known as an honorable man in the community if his wife is tearing him down at home?
24. She maketh fin linen and selleth it. – This woman was a work at home mom. She found creative ways to provide for her family and help her husband with the household finances. She worked hard, willingly and creatively.
25. Strength and honor are her clothing she shall rejoice in time to come. – She is a woman of honor. She is this way because of her faith. People can see that she is a woman of grace and inner beauty because she wears her faith on her sleeve. She will rejoice on that glorious day when Jesus returns to take us all home!
26. She open her mouth with wisdom… and kindness is on her tongue. She is not a griping, irritating, harsh, woman. She speaks with kindness and knows when it is appropriate to speak and when she should bite her tongue. She also uses tact and graciousness in her choice of words when dealing with others.
27. She looketh well to the ways of her household. – This encompasses so much! I mean think of all a woman must do to maintain her household! Our household notebook is the #1 looked at page on the entire website. Why? Because women are desperate for a routine, for a peaceful life. They are tired of mountains of laundry, rings in the toilets, and sticky floors. They want their homes to be a haven from the world. By meeting the needs of the physical woman and her household, we can reach the spiritual needs! Never forget this in ministry.
28. Her children arise up and call her blessed. Yes kids aren’t always angels. So, how do we as moms handle the day to day crisis that come up? How DO we “train our children in the way they should go so when they are old they don’t turn from it??” These are important things for the average mom – she wants some answers! And the second part of this verse tells us that her husband praises her – Why? Because she is working hard to create a happy home, a happy life for him and their kids. No, she isn’t perfect (all have fallen short of the glory of God) BUT, he can see her efforts and he appreciates the love he sees her eyes, the love he hears in her voice, and the love he feels in her touch.
29 – 31. The virtuous woman sought her savior. She seeks out His will for her life. Each woman is unique in her God given talents and abilities. However, all women are in need of a relationship with Christ. She may not get the house spotless 24/7 or be able to juggle all of the demands life presents her with wit and charm all the time, but if she knows Jesus Christ she will have a better chance of getting it right MOST of the time! Let her own works praise her in the gates – Her life is a living example to others. Something we all need to remember. Having a sloppy house may not be a terrible sin – but what does your life say to others who enter your home if everything is in chaos? God is not a God of chaos. Even Jesus, the King of Kings, our risen Savior, folded his grave clothes before leaving the tomb. (John 20)

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