She hath done what she could.

She hath done what she could... {Honoring Your Mother or Mother-In-Law} @

Honor Thy Mother

It’s been ten days since my 88 year old mother-in-law passed away.

My husband was the very best son ever. I truly mean that. If you’d known my mother-in-law, you’d know that she was a difficult person. In fact, difficult may not be a strong enough word. And yet my husband honored her. He took care of her day in and day out for the last 15 years even when all she did was complain or yell at him.

She loved the Lord with all of her heart. And I don’t want to disparage her in any way by talking about the truth. She made her peace with the Lord before she died and I know we  will see her again in Heaven. However, her love for the Lord did not translate in a sweet or joyful spirit.

She was a very broken person. I used to say the Lord gave me my mother-in-law to teach me patience. Because I am the nicest person you’ll ever meet, but you don’t mess with my husband and you don’t mess with my kids – because when it comes to them – I am a mama bear. I am very protective of my family.

And there were many times it was difficult for me to hear how she would talk to my husband when he was so faithful and always did his best.

And I had to learn patience.

Because I had to accept the fact that, aside from a true miracle of God, she was not going to change. I had to learn to love her despite her harsh exterior. I had to learn to love her not because she was lovable but because she was my husband’s mother.

Because I love my husband. And he loved his mother.

I hear women complain about their mother-in-laws often – and with the abundance of mother-in-law jokes apparently mother-in-laws are often hard to deal with.

Over the last 15 years I’ve had to take care of my mother-in-law {broken bones, illnesses, and more} often without a word of thanks and even more often just the opposite.

My husband had the worst childhood of anyone I have ever met. He never heard his mother say she loved him – not even as a child. He never received hugs or kisses – just a harsh hand. He was very often hungry – to the point of digging through trash or sneaking dog food out of the bins at the feed store. He had almost nothing and he was often forced to leave behind what little he did have when they would suddenly move.

He suffered every kind of abuse imaginable from abusive step-fathers and a harsh mother. And yet he stood by her, caring for her like Jesus would.

My husband often said to me, “She hath done what she could.”

Do you recognize the words of Jesus? That verse is found in Mark 14:8.

He spoke this of his mother, a broken woman whose life was harsh, mean, and often brutal. He said this of a woman who was abused by men and scrubbed toilets to put food on the table. He said this of a mother whose tender hand he never knew.

She hath done what she could.

In other words, she was a broken person in need of a loving savior. She was so broken that for whatever reason, even though she found the Lord and wanted to spread the gospel to everyone, she had places of her heart that were never opened to the healing touch of her Savior.

She did the best she could with what she had. She didn’t have the emotional resources to give more than she did. And my husband loved and honored his mother everyday of her life by doing what he could to make her life easier.

She hath done what she could.

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3 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Husband {Day 21}

3 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Husband {31 Days of Calm Series} - 3 things you can do TODAY! @

31 Days of Calm in My Chaos

Nothing can cause stress like an unhappy marriage. So if you are looking for some peace and calm in your life, it’s important to focus on your marriage.

So often we forget why we got married in the first place. As the months and years pass by, as bills need to be paid and children come along, we forget the ideas and dreams we once had. Staying connected to your husband isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort!

3 Things You Can Do Today to Connect

1. Smile at your husband. And I don’t just mean a half-hearted, “I’ll smile if I have to” smile. I mean a genuine from the depth of your heart smile. Look him in the eyes and let him see the love your still have for him. He wants to know you like him. He wants to know he’s appreciated. A smile communicates those feelings without the need for words. {Of course, sweet words are good too!}

2. Do something “just because.” You know what your husband likes. You know what makes him happy. So why choose one thing today to make him feel special?

  • Maybe he loves having his feet massaged after a long day at work.
  • Maybe he has a favorite meal that’s just a little bit complicated to make and you don’t make it often – put it on the menu!
  • Maybe he loves baseball and you don’t. Make some fun snacks and watch the game with him.
  • Maybe he’d be really surprised if you showed up at work for a lunch date with him.

You get the idea. Let him know he matters to you.

3. Make love and make it count. For moms, especially tired moms, sex isn’t always a big priority. But for most husbands, sex always matters. They don’t feel emotionally connected unless you are sexually intimate on a frequent/ regular basis. And whether you want to admit it or not – sex is important. So make time to really make love to your husband. Show him he still makes your heart race.

Today’s Goal: A good marriage takes time and effort. What can you do today to make your marriage a little sweeter?

How do you show your husband he’s still the one?

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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day for everyone on your list. @ #valentinesday

Okay, so if you’re like me… life is crazy on a daily basis. And, well, you just haven’t had a chance to give much thought to what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day.

Lucky for me, this year I’m using my “This is My Life Planner” which includes a handy, dandy Valentine’s Day planner located a few weeks before Valentine’s Day to help me remember to actually plan something.

The Holiday Bundle for This is My Life Planner Basic @ #planners #planneraddicts #moms #proverbs31

P.S. It’s not to late to purchase your very own This is My Life Planner! It’s an instant download and loaded with lots and lots of options! And the freebies don’t hurt either!

Anyway, back to Valentine’s Day. So, I’m always looking for inexpensive fun ways I can decorate plus little fun gifts I can pull together for my friends and family.

Inexpensive = free. Okay, well, at least  the printables are free. Here’s a fun round up of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day printables just in the nick of time for you to print and roll!

 Free Last Minute Printables for Valentine’s Day

For Younger Kids:

Mustache and Lip Valentines from


For Older Kids and Teens:

You're All That & a Bag of Chips Valentine @

{via My 3 Monsters}

For Boys:

Printable Valentine's for Boys @


For Girls:

Butterfly Valentines @ Skip to My Lou

{via Skip to My Lou}

For the Lunch Box:

Fruit Valentines @


Lunch Box Love Notes @ G*Rated

{via G*Rated}

For Grownups:

Pucker Up Valentine @ Shaken Together


For the Husband:

One Hot Tamale Valentine @ Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

{via Mommy by Day Crafter by Night}

So, there you go. A free printable Valentine for everyone in your life. You’re welcome.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

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