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Hospitality and Your Family {Day 53}

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Hospitality and Your Family @ AVirtuousWoman.org

From Chaos to Calm: Day 53

Scripture Memory: “Rejoice with them that do rejoice.” Romans 12:15

Sometimes being really hospitable takes planning. By keeping a monthly calendar and making notes for yourself ahead of time, birthdays and special occasions won’t sneak up on you.

Hospitality and Your Family

     I have known women who seem to live for the next birthday party! They plan and they decorate and just have it all together when the party time comes. And then there are women like me, who just always seem to remember to plan too late. By making a chart of important dates to remember, you can quickly plan your month. You’ll remember to send those cards in the mail a week in advance and bake that cake and order the supplies for the party ahead of time. You won’t feel rushed and the gifts will be purchased well in advance.

     Kids always love a good birthday party. If you are able to invite friends and decorate the house with a theme and do theme games and party favors, I want to encourage you to do so. It is a lot of fun!

If birthdays in your house are generally a small family affair, they can still be special. Bake a special cake. Blow up balloons. Decorate with streamers. Make a big deal of it!

Creating Traditions

By creating traditions that you keep year after year and year round, your kids won’t grow just remembering the Big Christmas Get-Togethers, they will cherish those memories of mama baking the birthday cake, of her love and care that went into planning and the fun times that were created.

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-- By creating meaningful traditions, however small, your children will have cherished memories for a lifetime. @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Further more, who says that you can’t go all out for Holidays that are “smaller” such as Valentines Day or St. Patrick or July 4th. Decorate the house. Make holiday crafts with the kids. Plan foods that you can prepare each year and make it a tradition! Why are Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter the biggest and best? Find ways all year long to create special memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have not already done so, today I want you to make a Birthday/ Anniversary/ Special Occasion chart and place it in the calendar section of your Household Notebook.

P.S. This is My Life Weekly Planners come with a Special Occasions {Birthday and Anniversary} Calendar!

How do you show hospitality to your family?

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  1. My mama always made homemade cut-out birthday cakes for my brother and me (until we became teens and wanted ice cream cakes!). She was really good at making our cakes, and I will always remember them. She made a cow, a horse, a monster truck, a train, a Barbie house, Minnie Mouse and more! We always got to help, and it was a great tradition.
  2. I have continued my mom's birthday tradition she did for me with my kids. She would cook my favorite meal for my birthday, Beef stroganoff. My kids always pick something different each year for their dinner. I also extend this tradition to other family members if they are around visiting.
  3. I am so glad I ran across this site. I have a problem with clutter that drives my husband nuts. The worst part is that he doesn't know how much of this problem he creates because he has always expected me to take care of it. I stick it in closets drawers and boxes and the garage has alife of its own. Another issue is that my adult daughter is following in my footsteps and allows her daughters to do the same things on a grander scale than she was ever allowed to. I want to do this to help her, even more than myself, and hopefully break the cycle before its too late for my granddaughters. It's good to know that you are here to encourage those of us who decide to commit. Thank you for all you do.

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