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You know why I love camping so much? Nature is God’s second book. And when you get outside and experience camping together as a family, you’ll discover so many wonders in God’s creation. I’m excited to be able to share some of my favorite ideas for family camping with you.

Camping is one of my all-time favorite activities to do with my family. There’s just nothing like sleeping in a tent, waking up the the fresh cool morning air, taking long hikes, and cooking over a camp fire. Our family usually camps out a few times a year.

Family Camping

We’ve done everything from winter camping to backpacking in the wilderness miles away from civilization.

Here you’ll find lots of ideas and resources for your next family camping trip.

Family Camping Ideas

Free Camping Printables

Backpacking & Camping

Hiking & Outdoor Activities

It Was a Camp Out to Remember

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