Meal Planning and the Grocery Store {Day 38}

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Making the most of Meal Planning and the Grocery Store @

From Chaos to Calm: Day Thirty-Eight

Meal Planning and the Grocery Store

Scripture Memory: ”She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.” Proverbs 31:14

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Before you can cook a delicious meal for your family, you will need to have a pantry stocked with good foods. You will be able to prepare a wide variety of recipes if you have the basics already in your cupboard.

Grocery shopping with small children in tow is not always fun, so if you are able to do this when your husband is able to watch the children, you will be able to get done faster and probably save more money. Another option would be to trade off grocery shopping days with a friends and watch each other’s children on grocery day.

You want to prepare for your shopping trip. A good day to plan your weekly shopping is the day you clean out the refrigerator or perhaps the day after. Plan your meals(2) for the coming week. I typically do this a week ahead of time, but you can do it however you prefer.

To shop wisely and save more money, when you are planning your meals, have the weekly sales flyer available and plan as many meals around good deals as you can.

Make a shopping list of those items that are missing from your pantry. Make a list of those special things you need to prepare the recipes for each meal. Make a list of other items that you will need to prepare desserts and/ or snacks during the week. When planning snacks, think healthy – dried fruit versus candy, baked chips versus fried…

Remember that some foods are wants and other foods are needs. Foods that provide good nutrition are the needs! Try to limit the amount of processed and refined foods that you bring into your home. Whole foods – living foods – will provide the nutrition your family needs.

When planning your meals you want to think of colors. If your plate is all one color, you are missing out on important vitamins and minerals. For instance, serving sides of potatoes and corn mean serving foods that are similar – both starches. Instead of serving these in the same meal, try serving a green vegetable, a white vegetable and a yellow/ orange vegetable.

It can be fun to read cookbooks to get new ideas. You can learn a lot about what foods and flavors work well together by reading recipes. I love to cook foods from different cultures. By offering a wide variety of foods and flavors to your children when they are young, you will train them to not be picky eaters. I believe that children should be required to eat at least a small portion of everything you serve. When I was young, I didn’t much care for turnip greens, but after years of eating my greens, I grew to love them! It is possible to train – or even retrain – your taste buds!

Ever heard the term “acquired taste?” This is because some foods do take a certain level of “getting used to” before you fully enjoy them.

Making the most of Meal Planning and the Grocery Store @

When planning your grocery shopping, go through your coupons for bargains on items you regularly purchase or would like to try. Use coupons as much as possible, but always compare prices and brands. Store brands very often are as good a quality as the name brand product. By in bulk those items that you use frequently when they go on sale. You can begin using a price book(3) and track sales and sale prices.

Planning, shopping, and preparing meals should be a source of joy, of true contentment in your life. By planning ahead, you will know what you are going to cook each day. You won’t panic at 4:00 when you suddenly realize the dinner hour is approaching. Instead you will have prepared a balance meal. You will know that over the course of a week, your family has benefited from a variety of nutritious foods and that their bodies have been cared for.

God has given you the awesome responsibility of feeding your family. Embrace it!

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  1. I love to cook. My husband likes me to use the microwave as much as possible. He says it's cheaper to buy frozen meals that to use propane to cook from scratch. But I can cook on holidays and I enjoy it so much. I love to read cook-books. I feel that I should prepare as healthly food as possible for my family.It's my job!
  2. Planning your meals ahead is the best way to save money, I agree. And store brands are the way I go, since they cost less and seem just as good. Don't go shop for something that is right in the cupboard and you've overlooked it. And canning helps out too!
  3. I was directed to this page while looking for your homeschool planner, but I can't seem to find it. Is it still available?
    1. Stacia, sorry about that. You can find my homeschool planners available here: Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!