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A Rescue Story

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A Rescue Story @ AVirtuosWoman.org

Our Family Loves Animals

We regularly rescue stray animals. Usually, we will bring stray or abandoned animals home, feed and care for them until we can find a good home.

I will list them on Craig’s List or ask around until someone offers to take the animal home with them.

There was something about this dog that really made us fall in love with him. Especially my husband. And we decided to add him to our family.

Our family motto is, “We can’t save the world, but we can do something about the one in front of us.” We never walk away if there’s something we can do.

The Rescue Story

We saw this dog laying in the road {in the other lane} early Saturday morning as we headed on a two hour drive. He didn’t move as other cars slowed down and went around him and I was sure he’d been hit by a car. So we turned around, turned on our flashers and got out to check on him.

As we got out of the car, he got to his feet and walked to us and it was apparent he had NOT been hit by a car like I had feared.

It was then we realized why he was there. His companion {another dog} had been hit by a car and lay on the side of the road where he’d been guarding.

It broke my heart.

We were all dressed in church clothes and the dog did not want to get in the truck so we decided to tray again if he was still there when we came back through. I spent the day praying hard for him!

Sure enough, 10 hours later, we headed home and found that indeed, he was still by the road, but he’d moved down into the grass.

We loaded him up as vehicles passed with more than a few people telling us they were so glad to see someone helping him and a local person explained that his owners had moved away and left the two dogs behind – abandoned them. And that he’d been sitting there for a few days.

We brought him home, initially thinking we’d name him Hatchi – if you haven’t seen the movie, you NEED to!

A Great Pyrenees

Anyway, we brought him home, cut off all of that matted fur, fed him and took a walk with him. By that time it was late, so we locked him into the new dog kennel we’d purchased a few days before and I even wired the latch shut, fearing he would otherwise get out.

Well, Sunday morning, we woke up early to find he’d pushed through the gate, snapped the wire in half and disappeared. He’s a huge dog!

For nearly 3 days all we did was look for him! We talked to everyone we saw walking down the street, every police officer, everyone at the humane society. We drove a couple hundred miles around our small town slowly – looking everywhere.

We finally located him a few miles from our home laying next to someone’s front porch. He was happy to see us, but he had no idea we’d been searching long and hard for him!

A Rescue Story @ AVirtuosWoman.org

We’d originally thought we’d name him Hatchi, because we’d found him loyally staying with his buddy who had died. But, in the end, we named him Tucker. He’s incredibly sweet, very gentle, and we’ve yet to hear him bark.

On Wednesday we got him a dog tag and we’ve been paranoid about letting him out of sight ever since we found him. We’re so glad he’s home!

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Watch the Video

If you can’t see the video below, click here. 

UPDATE: You can watch a short update video about Tucker and find out how’s doing here.

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  1. many of us just saw your video of finding Tucker today from "the Dodo's fb page".....didn't realize this was 3 yrs ago.....could you update, as the only update was in Feb of 2016 , over 2 yrs and 4 mths ago......a lot has happened since....I hope you still have Tucker..did you get him microchipped? How is he? Did the escape artist escape ever again since you first got him? Please give us another update on youtube or your FB page to see how the big boy is doing....I really hope you still have him and he is doing well at your home. :) thanks so much and awaiting your reply. Thanks again.

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