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I received quite a number of emails and comments from women who read How to Start Blogging as a Ministry and one of the most common questions I was asked had to do with making an income.

When I first began my website, A Virtuous Woman, I had no interest in earning money. In fact, because I my heart’s desire was to minister to women I felt that earning a living from my blog was tantamount to “selling out” my purpose.

And, as blogging became more and more popular, I remember a lot of articles floating around about how bloggers selling ads were “sell outs.” I did have a few ads running over the years to help pay for the website expenses – running a website is not free! But aside from paying the web hosting and other associated fees, I didn’t pursue more income.

I wrestled with the idea of making money from something I considered to be a ministry. I didn’t want my motivation to change and I certainly didn’t want my readers to think that I was motivated only by money.

Around the beginning of 2013 – after more than 11 years of blogging – our family was facing a lot of financial changes. Our income had decreased by more than half and as a pastor, my husband didn’t have a large income to start with.

Making a Living with Blogging

One day, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart and I realized that even pastors earn a living to support their families. I realized that earning money that we really needed from my blog was okay. I knew I had a platform, one that I had spent over a decade growing, and that there was a potential for income.

It was then I made the decision to pursue a real income using my blogging so that I could continue to stay at home with my kids, homeschool, and work on my own schedule. 

I now make a full time living from A Virtuous Woman and it’s been a tremendous blessing to my family. Without that income we’d be really struggling financially. There are several ways to make money blogging including: affiliate marketing, ad income, sponsored posts, and more.

I still consider A Virtuous Woman a ministry. I wake up every morning thinking about what I need to do on the blog and ways to help women who are struggling at home or just need ideas and encouragement. I’ve been running A Virtuous Woman for over 19 years now and I’m just as passionate today if not more so!

P.S. I’ll be sharing more about HOW you can earn money through blogging in upcoming posts in this series so stay tuned! If you’d like to know more about how you can start blogging as a ministry, be sure to read my post: How to Start Blogging as a Ministry.

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  1. Thank you for sharing how God is able to use you through this blog. I feel as though I'm at a crossroads in my walk with God right now. I have made it a habit to regularly serve in church, but I have sorely missed out on reaching out and encouraging others in the Lord. I believe God has been leading me to create a blog and reach out that way. How did you build up your core audience? Through my site (still creating content so I can launch), I want to be an encouragement to ladies in their mid-20's who are single and sincerely desiring to honor God in everything they do. How can I remain relevant enough to draw others to my message, yet still deliver scriptural, meaty content that will feed these young women spiritually? Thank you for your willingness to be used of God! Praying for you!
    1. Hi Megan, being relevant is so important! The way you do that is to be authentic and know your audience really well. Who is your ideal reader? What does she love to do? What kind of hobbies does she have? What is she struggling with? What types of visuals would she be attracted to? What would encourage her to strive for righteousness? If you write with an authentic, sincere, encouraging voice instead of coming across as condemning, you'll reach their hearts!
  2. Hi Melissa, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience on this ministry. It is so inspired and I have the same feeling, I would like to start blogging but in Spanish. The reason is that I live in another country where the native language is Spanish and there is a big need in families so it is a good idea that christian women share their faith, love and life experience. I am still thinking when/how to start because I work, but the true is that I would love to help people by blogging. Please if possible, pray for me. Blessings! Johana
  3. I have a blog, but my blog is not a ministry. I do however, glorify Abba Father as often as I can. I had Google ads on my blog early on, but removed them because I felt that I was compromising my faith. I would frequently see ads that I wouldn't support. So, I just took them down. I only have Amazon ads on there now. I am a empty nesters and divorced. I also live off of a fix income, I really could use the money. I still wrestle with putting the ads back on...but right now I just feel that leaving them off is the right thing for me. So, I guess it is really about what you feel is right for you.
    1. Hi Trish! I completely understand about Google Ads. I don't like them and only used them a few days before realizing they weren't for me. Amazon CPM ads are a great alternative and pay really well. Once you have enough traffic, you can work with a ad management company like The Blogger Network {I used to work with them} or AdThrive {my current ad management company.}. :)
  4. Melissa, I love your blog!! It feels like coming home after a long day away and being uplifted and renewed. Thanks for all you do. You are a gem!!
  5. Hello Melissa, am really glad that I have found your website. Actually am now staying at home with my child and really want to raise my child in the fear of God. I don't want to compromise him for my career. So I decided to spend time with my child. But back at home, I have a family to support, my mother and 2 sisters. And I also realized, there are many other sisters like me who are in need financially and yet struggling to keep up their life in Christ. So I started this blog.. to inspire them through the word of God, just started.. Again thank you for your encouraging words.
  6. Blessings Melissa! You certainly are a blessing to me as I am so new to Blogging. Your articles are a real help. I love this site and look forward to all you have to share. I will be asking dozens of questions; trust me. Glenda