Creating Good Habits | 5 Homemaking Habits that Make a Difference

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Having self-discipline means doing what we know needs to be done even if we don’t feel like doing it. Unfortunately, for many homemakers instead of being disciplined, we find ourselves procrastinating instead of doing chores – or we don’t manage our time efficiently. Part of having self-discipline means creating good habits in our daily life that help get tasks done before we feel overwhelmed.

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30 Days Of Intentional Homemaking: Day 13

Families need women who make home a special place to live, learn, and grow. There is no other job that presents as many opportunities for shaping (for the good or the bad) the future of our country – of our world – than that of a homemaker.

Intentional Homemaking @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Each of us is a homemaker. Whether you work outside the home or stay home full time, you are a homemaker. Whether you live with a big boisterous family or it’s just you and a couple of children – or just you and your husband – or even just you -, you are a homemaker. We’ve all been called to the ministry of homemaking.

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Being a homemaker means that you have a lot on your plate every day. Whether you stay home full time or work outside the home, homemaking is a challenge. Many of us were not well prepared for the role of homemaking. In fact, many women often feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing a home, using our time efficiently, and raising a family.

It’s a balancing act for sure and sometimes there is no way to do everything you want to be doing and still keep a neat and orderly home. One thing we all have in common is that we each have 24 hours in a day. No more, no less.

If you find yourself trying to fit too much into your day, you may need to make some hard decisions about what to let go of. Decluttering your home will lessen the need to clean your home as much. Have you ever felt like you spend too much time putting stuff away, organizing stuff, or moving stuff that has no “home?” It’s not fun!

Procrastinating can be a really bad habit. Sometimes procrastinating on a task doesn’t make a huge difference. But sometimes procrastinating can cause you real problems. For instance, procrastinating on paying a bill will cost you late fees. Procrastinating on washing the dishes means more dishes to wash, more elbow grease, and more work.

Procrastinating can also be a form of laziness. And laziness is a bad habit. So, if that’s you – you’ll know.

But sometimes, as wives, moms, and homemakers, we find ourselves working really, really hard. I know there have been many times when I felt like I worked so hard and accomplished nothing. Have you ever felt that way? If you have toddlers or young children at home, this may be a daily discouragement.

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If you find yourself procrastinating or working too hard and accomplishing very little, creating good habits can help you stay on top of your chores, work less, and feel less stress. Creating good habits also means developing self-discipline in areas of your life where you’ve previously lacked discipline.

Remember, homemaking isn’t about perfection, it’s about creating a space that feels like home.

Creating a Space that Feels Like Home

My desire is for my children to grow up and remember our home as a loving, happy place where they were able to learn and grow. I want them to think of home and remember good food, tidy spaces, and cozy feelings. I want them to remember home with fondness.

Some women seem to have a natural knack for creating a home that is warm and inviting, free of clutter, thoughtful decor, and a welcoming atmosphere. Some of us have to work harder to make that happen. And that’s okay. Putting time and effort into creating a space that feels like home is always worth the effort. And by creating good habits, we can all have homes that invite people to feel comfortable and loved.

Before the internet was a thing and long before I owned my own home, I loved pouring over homemaking magazines, reading books on homemaking and decorating, and dreaming about creating the home I wanted to one day have.

These days I love perusing beautiful home decor feeds on Instagram for ideas. I follow some of my favorite home decor hashtags and I’m always looking for new feeds to follow. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on new decor, but here and there, and using Hobby Lobby coupons, I manage to add pretty things to my home from time to time.

A neat home always looks nice, so whatever your budget, know that your home can be inviting! If you don’t have much money to spend on your home, try shopping yard sales or flea markets for unique finds. A little bit of paint can do wonders for an old piece of furniture!

Creating Good Habits at Home @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Spend time thinking about your home and things you’d like to see changed. Have a vision for the home you’d like to create and then make a plan about how you can reach that goal. Planning, creating a vision board, a dream book, or just curating pretty ideas on Instagram can help you turn your space into the home you desire.

Creating Good Habits

However, developing good habits as a homemaker can be easier said than done. Especially if you’ve settled into practicing some bad habits along the way! Creating good habits will help you cultivate self-discipline and a home that is neat and tidy.

1. Baby Steps.

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by a messy house or a schedule that’s too busy, we wake up one day and think, “I’m done!” And then we make plans to change everything we hate about life.

Unfortunately, trying to change too many bad habits at once is a recipe for disaster. You will find yourself losing steam and end up feeling like you’ve failed – again.

Instead of trying to add in too many good habits all at once, focus on one or two new habits until you’ve mastered those. Then you can work on another one.

2. Tell a friend.

Ask someone you trust to help you stay accountable as you work to develop good habits. Let them come alongside you and cheer you on and remind you of your goals when you struggle.

3. Reward Yourself.

If you do a good job, stick with your chore, master a new habit, or feel proud of an accomplishment you’ve made at home, reward yourself with something special. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But reward yourself for a job well done.

For instance, if you keep your kitchen clean for two or four weeks straight, reward yourself with something fun like dinner out or a trip to Starbucks. Whatever makes your heart happy.

Homemaking Habits that Make a Difference

1. Create a housekeeping routine. Doing the same chores at the same time each day or week can go a long way to helping you stay on top of tasks. When chores are completed on a regular basis, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

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2. Wake up early and pray. This is a habit that is hard for some women to feel excited about. But waking up early – whether that’s 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 in the morning will make a huge impact on your ability to get things done. If you have children or a busy schedule, waking up early will help you be more productive and tackle your to-do list.

Don’t think you’re a morning person? I’m not naturally a morning person. Really! But I get up at 4:00 am several days a week and if I get to sleep past 7:00 on any day of the week I consider myself lucky. My point is that even if you are not a morning person by nature, you can do it. The old adage, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise has a lot of truth to it. Successful people rarely sleep in. I’m just sayin.

If you are able to wake up even 15 minutes earlier, you can find time to read the Bible and say a prayer before you get your day started. Once you’ve had your devotion you can check your planner, do a few minutes of exercise and get ready to be productive.

3. Get dressed. If you are a full-time homemaker, getting dressed doesn’t always seem worth it. You might often find yourself hanging out in your comfy sweats all day, hair in a messy bun, and forgetting to take a shower… a little too often. But, if you wake up and get dressed to meet the day, you will be more productive and take your job as a homemaker more seriously.

4. Make a plan. As a homemaker, if you don’t plan your days… then it’s sort of like you’re just letting life happen. Instead, make a plan! A planner can help you organize your time and remember to get stuff done, but so will a piece of paper and pen. Write down a short to-do list each morning. Try not to schedule more than one thing per hour if you have young children. It’s just too much! Decide what 3 things need to be done – your must-dos. And then see how much you can cross off your list.

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5. A cheerful spirit. Of all the habits you cultivate at home, having a cheerful spirit will bless your family and all who enter your home. Every single morning you have the opportunity to greet your family with a sweet smile and a cheerful greeting. You also have the choice not to react in a sour mood to other family members who may not feel so cheerful.

If you can’t think of anything to be cheerful about, remember that you have a Savior who died for you. That is where your joy comes from.

“Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.” Habakkuk 3:17-18 ESV

Be a sweet influence in your home. Wake up your children with a sweet and happy good morning song. Greet your husband with a smile and a kiss. Be the one whose attitude creates an atmosphere of love and joy in your home.

Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Pray and ask God to show you where you could improve your habits. Whether it’s to stop procrastinating or learn new systems to make homemaking easier, He will help you if you ask!
  2. Download today’s workbook pages and fill out the worksheets.
  3. Use the 30 Day Habit Tracker to help you create better habits starting today, if desired.

It may not be easy, but creating good habits is worth the effort. What good habits would you like to develop? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Yeah, Melissa, ya stepped on my toes there, with the procrastination, and the laziness!! I am somewhat better than decades ago, but still working on it. I love your new pix, your profile pix, I guess. Thank you for all you do!
    1. Oh, thank you Melinda! Procrastination is something I struggle with too! Also, I decided it was time for an updated picture since the last one was taken about five years ago. I'm getting older!! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you too!

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