Eight Laws of Health

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What does the Bible say about health?

In the garden of Eden, before sin, God created Adam and Eve in His image. They were perfectly formed. They were strong and beautiful. And they were vegetarian. Obviously, in a world without sin, nothing would die and no one would eat meat. We will all be vegetarian in heaven!

The Eight Laws of Health @ AVirtuousWoman.org

The Creation Diet leads to good health, a longer life, and more energy. For instance:

Live 7-8 years longer than meat eaters.

  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Decreased risk for Diabetes.
  • Decreased risk for heart disease – America’s #1 killer.
  • Less risk for Colon cancer.
  • And the list goes on and on…

The Eight Laws of Health

1. Nutrition – Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, or even cutting out meat completely, will promote good health, more energy, and a longer life.

2. Exercise – It is so important to get up and get moving! Exercise for 15 – 20 minutes at least 4 times a week to loose weight, strengthen your heart, and have more energy!

3. Water – Your body is made up mostly of water. When you do not take in enough water, your body dries up and cells begin to die. A healthy body is a hydrated body. Water cleanses the body by helping to eliminate waste and toxins. Drink 1 ounce per two pounds of body weight every day.

4. Sunshine – Spend time outside in the sunshine every day. The morning hours or the late afternoon hours are ideal. The sunshine provides needed vitamins and elevates your mood.

5. Temperance – Self control is so important in every area of life. Temperance means having a healthy balance between working, resting, faith, eating and drinking. It also means using self control to choose not to do things that are harmful such as drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or having promiscuous sex.

6. Air – Breathing fresh air is essential to good health. Breathing deeply fills the body with oxygen and can help to relax you when you are tense.

7. Rest – First, sleep is very important to maintain a healthy body. When you are exhausted and run down, you are more likely to get sick. Ideally, adults should get 6 – 8 hours of sleep every night. The hours before midnight are the most beneficial. Second, when God created the world, he sanctified the seventh day as His holy Sabbath. He knew how much we would need that time to rest away from the world and come to spend time with Him. By resting on the Sabbath, you will receive a Sabbath day’s blessing.

8. Trust in God – By trusting in God, we will receive the blessings of God. People of Faith are calmer, happier, and live longer that those who do not trust in God.

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