Favorite Laundry Finds at Walmart

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The other day I was shopping in Walmart and needed to grab a new laundry bag and noticed the cutest laundry tins!! Having pretty things that are inexpensive can really make homemaking a little more fun, don’t you think? And, it’s amazing how much cute stuff you can find at Walmart. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite laundry finds at Walmart.

Favorite Laundry Finds at Walmart @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Laundry is one of those tasks that most women either love or hate. I know a lot of homemakers struggle to get laundry done and it can pile up faster than anything! But you don’t need to dread doing the laundry.

You really can learn to love doing the laundry!!

I recommend you do one load a day. If you work outside the home, start a load in the washing machine first thing in the morning. Then, as soon as you get home, switch the laundry over to the dryer. Set the timer and as soon as the dryer is done, fold and put away!

If you stay home full time, go ahead and start a load first thing in the morning, set your timer to switch the load into the dryer, and set the timer again to fold them as soon as they are done drying. Folding freshly laundered, warm laundry is so much more pleasant that folding cold, wrinkled laundry that’s piled up in a basket or on the couch.

When you stay on top of your laundry basket, you’ll find it really only takes a few minutes a day – and you’ll feel a lot less stressed!

I hope you find a few things to make your laundry room pretty… and more functional!

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