My Favorite Planner Accessories and Why They are Useful

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I’ve mentioned this before, but if you’re new around here, I’m an INFJ and INFJs are known for loving to plan. We plan everything.

I didn’t always use a planner, but I’ve always made plans for the future. I love waking up knowing exactly what I’ll be doing for the day!! My planner is one of my favorite tools for staying organized and today I’m sharing some of my favorite planner accessories – and why they are useful!

Whenever I hear the word favorite, I can almost hear Julie Andrews singing, 

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things…”

But for me and my love of all things planning, it might go something like this, 

“Stickers on calendars and tabs on dividers

Clear page protectors and bright color fineliners

Adorable notebooks bound up with rings,

These are a few of my favorite things…”

I’ll go ahead and stop singing now so I can share my favorite planner accessories and why they are so useful for organizing your days. (Not to mention I don’t know what would rhyme with sheet protectors!) 

Favorite Planner Accessories for Printing

Color printer. Do you have to buy a color printer? No, especially if it doesn’t fit your budget. I offer simplified planners for stay at home moms in back and white for just this reason! But if color helps you want to plan, if it makes you smile during the process, and if it fits your family’s budget then go for it!

I often use color to help me visually organize information, and it’s great for printing inexpensive art prints and verses. You’ll also save money over time by owning your own printer since color copies get expensive quickly.

Quality paper. So this may not be an exciting purchase, but obviously it’s something you need in order to print your own planner.

But beyond that, you’ll have a quick way to print organizational charts and lists every homemaker needs—from chore charts to verses to print and ponder as you go about your day. My favorite paper is an acid-free, heavyweight printing paper in bright white. I know you’ll love this paper as much as I do!!!

Favorite Planner Accessories for Binding

Binders. Binders are perfect for people who want maximum flexibility in their planning. You can easily add to them, or take things out. You can arrange and then rearrange things that don’t work for you. And for the cost conscious mom, they are reusable. I use binders to collect my favorite recipes, in my planning, and for my kids homeschooling

Disc products. If you love to bind your own planner, check out disc related products such as the Arc Desktop Paper Punch and Eagle Discbound Expansion Discs. You’ll be able to use a discbound system to create and customize your planning notebooks in the way that works for you. 

This type of system is also perfect for putting kids’ artwork together in a book for them to keep or give as a special gift to their grandparents. They can even creatempersonalized school planners. 

Favorite Planner Accessories for Organizing

Fineliners. This set of fine-line markers with twenty different colors are perfect for using in your planner. Colors are a great way to visually organize by grouping like things. For example, you can assign each family member a color so you’ll know who needs to be where at a glance.

Or you could plan your meals—breakfast in one color, lunches in another, and dinners in yet another color. Color helps us find the information we are looking for quickly, and it just makes it more fun. You should definitely try color coding!

These particular pens come with some added bonuses as well. The case works as a stand to hold them while you’re working, and if you forget to put the cap on it stays fine for days. 

Water resistant pens. With a planner you actually use, know that things can sometimes get a bit messy. I really don’t have to tell you moms that spills happen. Water resistant pens mean when your kids knock over your coffee (of course they did it…you wouldn’t ever do such a thing!), then your plans stay put instead of running like a snowman in a heatwave. 

Dividers. From simple to decorative, you’ll find a variety of dividers for your notebook or disc system to fit your style. You can customize sections according to your needs. Consider categories such as chore lists, menu planning, favorite recipes, monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and goal setting. You can even include a place for Bible study and to write prayer requests or journal your prayers. 

Stickers. Some people love stickers to decorate their planners with and make them their own, but stickers can do so much more than decorate. Make special days stand out—from appointments to birthdays to special holidays. My favorite sets are as functional as they are cute with places to write in whatever you want.

Favorite Planner Accessories to Protect and Store

Sheet protectors. Is it weird how much I love sheet protectors? Protect your favorite recipes from splatters and spills and keep pages you refer to over and over clean and neat. I use page protectors on pages where I’m not actually writing things so that they will last longer. They even make ones perfect for holding recipe cards

Storage bags. The Arc System Poly Zip Pockets or 3 Ring Pencil Pouch conveniently hold your pens, pencils, stickers, and Post It notes so you can take your planning anywhere. 

A Few of My Favorite Things

You’ll find all of my favorite planning accessories on my Amazon My Favorite Planner Supplies page. You can keep things cute or as simple as you want, but the most important thing to remember is to make planning a priority as a busy homemaker. 

Printing Supplies

This paper and printer are the ones I use and love everyday!!

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