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How to Make Your House Smell Good

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If you’ve ever walked into your house after a few days away and noticed an unpleasant smell, then you may be wondering what other people smell when they visit. As a homemaker, I know you want a good smelling house! So, today I’m sharing a few ways you can make your house smell good.

A few days with doors and windows shut can make a house smell bad –and sources of odor, like kitchen garbage and bathrooms –compound the problem. A house that smells bad is uncomfortable for the family and for any guests who might stop by. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to help improve the smell of a house quickly and with minimal expense. Keeping a house smelling fresh and clean is simple.

Making sure your house smells good is an important part of homemaking. And if you’re not sure what your house smells like, it never hurts to ask a friend or extended family member for an honest opinion!

How to Find House Smells

The main sources of odor in most houses are the kitchen and bathrooms. These are places where bacteria and bad smells can thrive easily –crumbs, spills and messes in both areas of the house can quickly smell bad, and the odors can spread through the whole house.

Know what areas of the house cause odor problems and prepare to deal with them individually.

The easiest way to help keep kitchen and bathroom odors under control is to ensure that they stay clean. Clean both the bathrooms and kitchen at least once each week to avoid common odors. Ensure that trash is covered and taken out regularly to avoid the smell of rotting food in the kitchen, and clean up any bathroom messes as soon as they happen.

Problems with Air Fresheners

Although air fresheners are a common solution to many household odors, they can cause as many problems as they solve. The chemicals in many air fresheners can cause throat and eye irritation, and many times they only mask the unpleasant smell. The combination of the smells can be worse than a bad odor.

Replace air fresheners with a clean house –making air fresheners unnecessary is a great way to save many and avoid the irritation of sprays.

If an air freshener is necessary for a room, use a natural wax candle instead. Candles smell good without adding unnecessary chemicals to the air. Just remember to cap the candle when it is put out to contain the smoke and prevent it from staining walls.

Ventilate the House for a Fresher Smell

The easiest way to make a house smell fresh is to ventilate it properly. A well-ventilated house cycles out odors and brings in fresh air from the outdoors. There are a number of simple ways to help ventilate a house.

  • Start by opening windows on opposite sides of the house. This creates a suction cycle that pulls air through the house and brings in clean air in place of house odors.
  • Open windows let in light, fresh air and send bad-smelling air out.
  • Using a box fan to help cycle air can also help; aim the fan at a window to push air out more quickly.
  • Prop doors open to allow air to cycle freely.

Air conditioning can also be used to ventilate the house on days when it’s too cold or wet to have the windows open. Ensure that the air conditioning has a filter in it; air conditioning filters catch a great deal of odor-causing particles and traps them for easy disposal. Clean or replace the air conditioning filter on a regular basis to keep it from blowing particles back into the house.

Run the air conditioning on the lowest setting to help trap the largest amount of particles and both save energy and money.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Smell Good

There are also some simple things that can be done around the house to help eliminate sources of odor on a regular basis.

1. Vacuum all carpets regularly. Vacuuming three times each week helps remove the pet dander, hair, food and other items that settle into the carpet and cause bad smells. A cleaner carpet has a fresher smell.

2. Store shoes outside or away from vents. Shoes are a major source of odors, especially tennis shoes and sports shoes. Keep shoes in an area where their odors will not be able to circulate throughout the house. Organize shoes so that they are easy to find without bringing odors into the house.

3. Clean the kitchen sink out regularly. Garbage disposals are a huge source of bad kitchen odors, but it is easy to get them clean. Pour several cups of boiling water down the sink to clear away food particles and bacteria from the blades, and then grind up lemon or orange peels in the sink to make it smell fresher.

4. Clean bathrooms, sinks, floors and walls with an even mixture of white vinegar and water. This helps kill odors and keep the house smelling fresh. White vinegar and water can also be used to help clean out a coffee pot and keep it smelling fresh.

5. Diffuse essential oils throughout the day. One of the easiest and most natural ways to make your house smell good is by using essential oils in a diffuser.

A clean house has a fresh and welcoming scent. Keeping the house clean and well-ventilated is the best way to keep it smelling nice for family and guests.

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